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How much does inefficiency cost your law firm?

Over the last week I had two very unrelated experiences that were big eye openers. The first happened on a phone call yesterday when I taught a lawyer how to cut and paste information into his bio on LinkedIn. He had been…more

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LinkedIn Makes Finding Alumni Easy

For years me I’ve been encouraging professionals to connect with alumni from their law schools as well as the universities where they attended undergrad. LinkedIn has now made significant changes to the way they organize alumni…more

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How Do Lawyers Measure Success?

Did you make partner at your law firm? Did you make more money this year than the year before? Do you drive a nice car? Do you live in a big house? Are you happy? Would the 12-year-old version of you be impressed by who you have…more

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What is LinkedIn? Not a stupid question

I’ve heard this question from two different highly successful partners at big law firms in the last month. What is LinkedIn? Isn’t it obvious? It’s a collection of professionals networked using a common website where they…more

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Yes, Your Google Presence Matters

In the Netflix series “House of Cards,” Kevin Spacey’s character has presence — in every room he enters, he is a force to be reckoned with. We all know lawyers like this; some people are just larger than life. Strangely,…more

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I Want To Be A Legal Marketer When I Grow Up #LMA14

“I want to be a legal marketer when I grow up,” said nobody ever. Let me start out by saying: I love working in the legal industry and I love working with lawyers. The work can be extremely challenging, but it has the potential…more

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4 Blogging Tips for Lawyers from ESPN

If you ever visit the legal tabloid Above the Law and you venture into the comments section, you will witness some cynical and downright nasty comments submitted by readers. Most of the comments are anonymous, so the authors…more

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A Little LinkedIn With Your Coffee?

The biggest excuse keeping professionals from using LinkedIn? “I don’t have the time for one more thing.” So here are five things you could do on LinkedIn while drinking your ­morning coffee. Originally posted on The…more

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How do you measure success?

How do we measure success? We start off our careers and many parts of our lives with a clear perspective of what we want. We can almost taste it, our visions and dreams are so apparent. Then life happens. Marriage, kids, work,…more

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5 years in: my thoughts on social media in legal

Five years ago this week I walked into the law offices of Jaeckle Fleishmann & Mugel well rested. I had just finished a 4-day surprise birthday cruise my wife had put together for me to celebrate my 30th birthday. I had a great…more

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Are you an irrational business developer?

Today March Madness begins, with play-in games in Dayton, Ohio. Millions of men, women and children will fill out brackets with hopes of winning the Billion dollar prize for completing a 100% perfect bracket. Your odds of…more

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How to focus like Sir Richard Branson

Would you turn down $500,000 for an hour of work? Richard Branson did. A company approached him to speak at their conference, he turned them down. They came back and said, “what if we paid you $250,000 for a one hour talk?” He…more

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Two ideas for lawyer retreats

This past week I’ve been up in the air, feeling much like George Clooney in the movie by the same name. I started my week in New York, woke up Tuesday in London where I spoke a law firm, went to sleep that night in Davos,…more

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What’s Your LinkedIn Type?

In 2013, LinkedIn exploded in popularity among professionals, but not all LinkedIn users are created equally. Below are seven levels of LinkedIn users. See if you can identify your type. Originally posted on The National…more

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Top 5 Things You Missed at the Harvard Law Innovation Symposium

The Harvard Law Innovation Symposium (#plp_disrupt on Twitter) was one of most amazing, intellectually stimulating and most impressive conferences I’ve been to in the legal industry. I got back late last night from the event and…more

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