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Law Firm Associates: You are Never Too Young, Too Inexperienced, Too . . .

Are you a law firm associate? If so, do you ever feel that you may be too young, too inexperienced or too something else to be successful at client development? I frequently hear: I don’t have gray hair like he does. No one…more

Recommended Reading: The Boys in the Boat

On Fridays, I have been recommending books. Last Friday, I recommended Unbroken. Today I recommend The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. I am listening to the book currently. Once again the narrator is Edward Herrmann…more

What Motivates You?

Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way of keeping score. The real excitement is playing the game. In my career, money, billable hours or client development…more

Client Development: Lessons from a Great Coach and Star Athletes

Are you stuck figuring out where to start your client development efforts? If so, you are not alone. I have coached many young lawyers who are struggling with that same issue. Ok, what can we do about it? I urge lawyers to do…more

Recommended Reading/Listening

Have you read or listened to the book Unbroken? If you haven’t, I urge you to read or listen to it. I listened to it. Edward Herrman was an excellent narrator. I…more

Success: Want More? Get Comfortable Outside Your Comfort Zone

Success: For many lawyers, success is achieved when they become comfortable outside their comfort zone. Over time they succeed and wonder why the task was uncomfortable in the first place. Want an example to make the point?…more

What differentiates your firm or practice group from competitors?

If you are in a small firm, or  a practice group in a large firm, you have meetings, right? What do you talk about at those meetings? Have you ever talked about what differentiates your small firm or your group from groups in…more

Law Firm Leadership: Is It Like Managing the Best Baseball Players?

Have you ever wondered how a baseball manager can lead a team with several players making significantly more money? I thought of that question recently when three managers were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame: 2014 MLB…more

What is Your Definition of Success and Why is it Important?

Have you defined what success is for you? Why should you? In my law career I have mentored, coached and been a practice group leader to dozens of young lawyers. I have noticed that many unhappy young lawyers let others define…more

10 Reasons Why Your Client Development Efforts Are Not Working

A lawyer once told me he was trying to develop business, but nothing was working. What are the potential reasons a young energetic lawyer is not finding success? Here are 10 potential reasons: …more

If Your Clients Could Choose Your Law Firm’s Vision and Core Values

Your law firm’s success depends on attracting, retaining and expanding relationships with your clients. Could that possibly be a topic for brainstorming at your next law firm retreat or meeting? If your clients could choose,…more

What Skills do Rainmakers Have?

I recently gave a presentation and a young lawyer asked: What skills do rainmakers have?  Generally rainmakers have a high degree of emotional intelligence. There are plenty of…more

Your Website Bio: More Important in 2014 Than Ever Before

If a potential client only saw your website bio, would he or she hire you? In a 2001 survey mentioned in Finding and Working with lawyers on the Web, of how buyers of legal services view websites, Greenfield Belser Ltd. learned…more

Success: You’ve Gotta Have This to Succeed

What does it take to succeed? I have spent my life trying to understand why some people succeed and others don’t. You likely know lawyers who are incredibly smart, deal well with people and still do not live up to their…more

Attorney Development: Become Preeminent and Attract Top Clients and Lawyers

There are many things a law firm cannot control. But, one thing that is totally in control of a firm is its commitment to developing its lawyers’ skills. Is your firm one that just talks about attorney development, or is it one…more
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