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A plaintiff whose name or likeness has been misappropriated for profit may have a cause of action for misappropriation or violation of right of publicity. Statute and Common Law govern Right of Publicity or Misappropriation of…more

Representations and Warranties in Contracts

Representations and warranties are among contractual mechanisms used to allocate risks between the parties. Representation is a statement of fact intended to induce reliance and action by a party to a contract. Warranty, on the…more

Enforceability of Covenants Not To Compete In California

California law has a troubled relationship with covenants not to compete. Generally, in the absence of a statutory exception, covenants not to compete are unenforceable in California. Covenants are generally promises to do or…more

What Is A Professional Corporation In California?

Forming professional corporations in California involves esoteric rules and regulations. For instance, who could be a shareholder, how many percentage what shareholder could possess, and what businesses could be professional…more

What Is A Professional Corporation In California?

Professional Corporations in California have to comply with rather esoteric rules and regulations. For instance, who could be a shareholder and the percentages of shareholders in such corporations are among some of those…more

How To Handle HOA Disputes Internally

Homeowners Association ("HOA") disputes could morph into protracted costly and legal battles. There are several procedures as set forth in the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act ("Davis Sterling Act") and often HOA…more

What Is Fair Use?

Fair use is a limitation on the rights of copyright holders. One of the rights of a copyright holder is to have exclusive authority to reproduce the copyrighted work or authorize others to reproduce the copyrighted work…more

What Are Breach of Contract Damages in CA?

Breach of Contract damages in California are primarily either General Damages (sometimes called Direct Damages) or Special Damages (sometimes called Consequential Damages). General Damages are direct result of the breach i.e…more

How To Elect and Remove Corporate Directors in CA

Upon formation of a corporation, directors are named in the Articles of Incorporation or are appointed by the incorporator. Thereafter, directors are elected annually. Directors could be removed, generally, if outstanding…more

What Is Copyright Infringement?

Copyright infringement is referred to as violation of any of copyright owner's exclusive rights without permission which falls within the definition of infringer under the Copyright Act 17 USC Section 501. In this article, we…more

What Is Preliminary Relief in CA?

Plaintiffs are often confronted with the dilemma of prolonged litigation vis-a-vis losing their business to trademark infringement, competition, etc. Preliminary relief in some instances, along with other litigation tactics,…more
| Art, Entertainment, & Sports Law, Civil Procedure, Civil Remedies, Commercial Law & Contracts, Real Estate - Commercial

Contract Formation in Sale of Goods in California

The Uniform Commercial Code ("UCC") governs contracts for sale of goods in California. In this article, we explore in some depth formation of such contracts and remedies available to buyers and sellers in case of breach under…more
| Civil Remedies, Commercial Law & Contracts, Consumer Protection

Invasion of Privacy in California

In California, generally, there are four types of invasion of privacy causes of action: 1. Public Disclosure of Private Facts; 2. Intrusion into Private Matters; 3. Misappropriation of Person's Name or Likeness; and 4…more
| Art, Entertainment, & Sports Law, Business Torts

Rights of Shareholders In a CA Corporation

As a result of broader judicial and legislative scrutiny of board of directors, the laws relating to shareholders' rights and responsibilities have changed. This article explores the rights and responsibilities of shareholders…more
| Business Organizations, Commercial Law & Contracts

What Is Deposition In CA?

What is a deposition? Who may be deposed? Who may not be deposed? What is the time frame for deposition? Where could deposition be taken? These are only some of the questions confronting parties and non-parties alike in a…more
| Art, Entertainment, & Sports Law, Commercial Law & Contracts, Communications & Media Law, Real Estate - Commercial, Real Estate - Residential
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