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Creating Gravitatonal Pull. How the Very Best Rainmakers Attract Clients

Top rainmakers seem to attract clients as if they have an irresistible gravitational pull. They don't 'sell'. Instead, clients seek them out. While others are prospecting and selling their hearts out, great rainmakers have more…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

Lateral Partner Integration. Keep Existing Firm Clients Top of Mind

In the excitement to bring a large book of business with shiny new clients into the firm, the benefit and value to the firm’s existing clients often takes a back seat. Don’t let it. Your primary concern should be the clients…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

How to Predict Client Portability

The most difficult aspect of lateral recruiting is predicting which clients will likely come over to the new firm. Apparently, firms haven’t cracked the code. A recent survey found that only 28% of firms report that their…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

‘Let Me Tell You a Story’ – The Inherent Weakness of Facts.

Look at your web statistics. The single most viewed pages of your website are the attorney bio pages. It’s true- or, shall I say, it’s a ‘fact’. Bio pages are the most visited pages of law firm websites, save the landing page…more
| Law Firm Marketing

Benefits of Business Development Training in Law Firms

Business Development training can be a sizeable investment for law firms. So, it’s important for law firm leaders to articulate and clarify the benefits of training. There are two kinds of benefits to Business Development…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

Learning to Give Business Advice from House Painters

I love general counsel panels. Those GCs. They say the darndest things! At a recent General Counsel panel discussion I attended, a GC on the panel mentioned one of his pet peeves. I’ll do my best to quote him directly so you can…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

Double Your Win Rate with Core Pitch Teams

Attorneys that pitch together win together. Unfortunately, this simple fact is too often missed in law firms. Instead pitch teams are formed ad hoc depending upon the client, work load, relationship history, other work…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

The One, Golden Question Every Firm Should Ask its Clients

Do you know what your clients think of you? You don’t have to engage market research companies to get an answer. In fact, you simply have to ask one simple, golden question to find out almost everything you need to know…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

Teach Your Partners How to 'Sell' You

One of the under-utilized cross selling marketing tools can be found walking past your office door on a daily basis: Your partners. …more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

A Proposed Methodology for Identifying M&A Prospects

Business Development Directors are charged with identifying the most likely prospects for practice areas. In some cases this can be a relatively easy endeavor. In others, it is difficult, if not nearly impossible. Take mergers…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

Before you go Social, Ask These Questions

Social media gets a lot of buzz these days. Most conversations presume a strong rationale for engaging in social media channels. The conversations seem to jump past whether it makes sense and instead argues for engaging in…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

Can I Get a Courtesy Read?

There is a lot of talk about blogs in the legal world. I'd estimate that blogs and Linked In are the two most talked about Internet marketing channels. I bet if you took some time to look around that you'd find a half dozen…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

Conducting RFP Post Mortems

In responding to RFPs and RFIs, it is important to keep in mind your backup plan should you not be awarded the engagement. Keeping good records of how the RFP response is handled, the questions asked and the process the client…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

Understand the Implications of Your Solutions

I had the distinct pleasure of presenting at the New York Bar Association's Fall Intellectual Property Conference in Philadelphia. I was joined by Anil George, Senior Counsel for IP at NBA Properties…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

The Simplest Explanation of Law Firm Marketing

The average equity partner in the average law firm makes an annual contribution of between $20,000 and $30,000 each to market the firm. Think of this as the reinvestment each partner makes out of the equity pool each year. A…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing
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