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After the Border Crisis, Possibly the Greatest Risk to US Immigration Processing

The US Border Crisis had wrecked removal proceedings, and it is going to take both extremely heavy reasources and tremendous amounts of time to fix the border crisis. That being said, in my opinion based on experience the next…more

US Immigration and Foreign Tourists Who May Not be Among the Purist

While US Immigration is full of controversy, foreign visitors to the US who enter as tourists are a matter of least concern. Most Americans raise absolutely no issue with foreign visitors to the US who come as tourists. …more

Blurred Border Lines

As the US-Mexican Border crisis continues, the law is becoming less clear and more blurred regarding both the full extent of legal rights held by foreign citizen children detained at the Border and independent legal…more

EB-5 Investment Green Cards are Great for America as Seen through Australia

The EB-5 investment green card program is great for the US. Still some Americans believe its bad for America to have foreign investors (especially Chinese investors) buy or invest in US business interests. That being said,…more

Children Detained at the US Border are Not Easy to Deport Under US Law

Many Americans believe that the crisis of children at the US Border should be handled by quickly deporting at least a substantial portion of the children. However, a high percentage of the children detained will apply for…more

Only Citizens Get US Passports, Except those who Aren't and those who Can't

There is no right under the law to a US Passport, and Applications may be held up or denied over fraud, criminal activity or other heightened concerns. Also a very small number of non-US Citizen-US Nationals who lack US…more

Foreign Medical Graduate Students Cannot Immigrate

The US needs quality medical care. However, foreign students in US medical schools are seldom able to practice medicine in the US, more or less immigrate, after graduation. Rather foreign citizen graduates of US med schools…more

Almost any Prior Arrest of a Foreign Citizen may lead to US Entry Issues

Almost any prior arrest, more or less conviction, of a foreign citizen may cause issues in US entry. These issues include but are not limited to hours spent in secondary immigration inspection, extensive entry delays and even…more

Immigration is Hard Out Here for a Chef

The hospitality industry, ethnic restaurants and other private employers in the culinary industry have ongoing need throughout the US for foreign chefs. However, sponsoring a foreign chef specifically is at a minimum very…more

It's all the Same for Same-Sex Spouse Immigration Applications

Immigration applications involving same sex spouses may not be adjudicated differently than similar applications involving couples of different genders. Also immigration officers are well-trained to ensure equal levels of…more

Nearly 9,000 Naturalize the Week of July 4th!

In honor of Independence Day, nearly 9,000 new Americans will be sworn in by taking the Oath of Allegiance July 4th at over 100 Naturalization Ceremonies across the United States…more

Soccer and US Immigration

Soccer and US Immigration are closely linked. Foreign professional soccer athletes enter the US on usually one of two work visas, and areas in the US with a high percentage of immigrants are often big soccer markets…more

Is a Green Card Forever?

A green card, which provides US permanent residency, is invaluable, life-changing on multiple levels and may be renewed indefinitely. Still foreign citizens with green cards for years often run into difficulties or at least…more

Why Getting a US Tourist Visa is not Easy, more or less Automatic

Many millions of foreign citizens either get denied or do not apply for US tourist visas based on an assumption of denial…more

Unaccompanied Children at the US Border Highlight our Immigration Problems, as seen in Baltimore

This article highlights a problem with US Immigration, which is that many people, groups and even cities want to help undocumented individuals but at the same time are opposed to paying the actual costs of help. There are…more
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