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Basic Real Estate Rule of Thumb: What About Bankruptcy Proceedings?

It’s as if we’re opening up a whole new can of worms here, in that this presents the question of a possible course of action presented by a debtor: what about bankruptcy? Can a debtor file for bankruptcy as a way to alleviate…more

Basic Real Estate Rule of Thumb: Courts Taking Appropriate Action

A state court can put its foot down, obviously, for good reason upon analysis of the evidence. It’s very simple: debtor failed in making payments, a default notice was issued, and an automatic stay was imposed. However, during…more

Basic Real Estate Rule of Thumb: Talking About “Tenants at Will”

What happens if the landlord contends that the real estate lease is no longer in effect? This, obviously, is due to the fact that a default notice was issued, stating that the tenant was late on the rent payments. Fair enough…more

Basic Real Estate Rule of Thumb: the “Default Notice” Is Not the Lease Termination

Welcome to this particular series of important information regarding lease terminations. This is key – for both the tenant and the landlord, for several reasons. One, as the renter, you have to understand this important fact:…more

Real Estate Law Says That Legality Doesn’t Necessarily Mean It’s “Allowed”

Why do you think many restaurants don’t allow smokers? Even those restaurants allowing smoking would have specific smoking sections permitted, but that’s it. Other than that, bringing in something that could disturb others would…more

Real Estate Litigation Problems With Turning Florida Condos Into Apartments

This is a perfect example of how one law can open up a veritable Pandora’s box of plenty of derivations – and “loopholes,” if you will – for groups to try and get some kind of advantage out of it at the expense of others. An…more

The Real Estate Law Review on Students Moving Off Campus: Rules Are Rules

Finally, keep a cool head on your shoulders, and don’t go crazy. Just because you’re in college and going to school doesn’t mean the same rules will apply to you as they did in a dorm room or fraternity. That’s the funny thing…more

The Real Estate Law Review on Students Moving Off Campus: Multiple Roommates

Don’t get me wrong: roommates are a normal thing in the rental space, especially for college students off campus. Sharing the bills helps tremendously, plus many properties are actually specifically suited to accommodate…more

What the CFPB Did to Real Estate Law

These days, it’s all about loan origination. Where did it come from, is it reliable, can we trust it? When it comes to money that’s being loaned, what do you expect? It’s all about accountability. In the forefront of that…more

Why Real Estate Law Says You Should Never Walk on Railroads (Not Due to a Train Hitting You)

Common sense should tell you that it’s not a good idea to walk on railroad tracks. Some half-wits do, though, and more power to them. This, however, has nothing to do with the prospect of you getting seriously injured due to a…more

How to Evict Your Roommate Under Real Estate Law Without Getting Punched in the Face

No one likes to do it, really. Just ask any good landlord out there. It’s not fun telling a tenant that they have to move out regardless of whether or not they have a place to stay, but sometimes it has to be done, and, yes,…more

The Importance of a Good Real Estate Mechanics Lien Law: Ask Maine About It

Just about every state has what’s called a “mechanics lien law” where even the equipment serves as real property that can be utilized by a contractor for improvement of a structure, and if the owner of such property doesn’t pay…more

What a Real Estate Title Insurance Company Can Do About Policyholder Lawsuits

Oftentimes policyholders will throw their hands up in disgust as they see no access to the property in question and then seek to file a lawsuit against the title insurance company responsible for supplying the documentation…more

Defining a Qualified Real Estate Mortgage for Veterans

It’s no secret that we take pride in our military. That’s why the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) finalized a ruling based on defining what exactly a “qualified mortgage” is with respect to insured and guaranteed loans for…more

How Real Estate Law Views Zoning and Parking Limitations

That’s always been one of the major points of examining whether or not a rental or home is viable: parking. Can you park your car right by your abode? Yes or no? If yes, great. If no, move on. It never did seem fair that a local…more
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