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What a Real Estate Title Insurance Company Can Do About Policyholder Lawsuits

Oftentimes policyholders will throw their hands up in disgust as they see no access to the property in question and then seek to file a lawsuit against the title insurance company responsible for supplying the documentation…more

Defining a Qualified Real Estate Mortgage for Veterans

It’s no secret that we take pride in our military. That’s why the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) finalized a ruling based on defining what exactly a “qualified mortgage” is with respect to insured and guaranteed loans for…more

How Real Estate Law Views Zoning and Parking Limitations

That’s always been one of the major points of examining whether or not a rental or home is viable: parking. Can you park your car right by your abode? Yes or no? If yes, great. If no, move on. It never did seem fair that a local…more

An In-Depth Real Estate Look at RAD Conversions and Affordable Housing

We love the HUD, don’t we? It’s all about affordable housing, and when it comes to real estate law, there’s nothing better than a way to help out the middle and lower class. Specifically, with regard to the HUD’s program called…more

How Timing Plays a Role on the Real Estate Baseline Survey

Real estate can be as unpredictable as a storm when you think about it. It’s the environment. In fact, I’d wager to say that whatever happens around us, also happens under us. The land always changes. As we speak, even, land is…more

Baseline Surveys: Drawing the Real Estate Lines in the Sand

It’s no secret that real estate law is all about the environment. It sort of has to be! To ensure land is of proper quality for sale, surveys need to be conducted – in particular, something called a baseline survey is required…more

How Real Estate Law Is Swayed by Tropical Storm Sandy

Everything goes nuts when something like a tropical storm – or even worse, a hurricane – hits the homeland, destroying tons and tons of property. Ever seen what happens to real estate law in the event of such a disaster? Debate…more

Revolving Credit Line Mortgages: a Real Estate Law Exception (or Exemption) to the Rule

While those revolving credit lines for mortgages may be tricky, affording a bit too much flexibility for the borrower, you do have some options to save you from the drowning in debt. Case in point: you have what’s called…more

An Overview of Federal Real Estate Regulations: What is RESPA and TILA?

Aside from sounding like something out of an obscure anime show, RESPA and TILA would be something many lawyers of real estate law would know well – The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and the Truth in Lending Act. Here…more

An Overview of Federal Real Estate Regulations: Flooding and Other Disasters

We as human beings and homeowners don’t really like the idea of waves hitting our houses and our bedrooms turning into giant fish bowls. I think that’s safe to say. Why then do some people like to live in those areas where that…more

Dealing With the Metaphorical (and Real) Real Estate “Mountain”

Public property is undisputed. Make no bones about that. That means no human being can assert any kind of “ownership” or expect to relocate or destroy such real estate. It is public land. It can’t be touched. What do you do,…more

When One Property Is Next to the Other: Make Sure Lines Are Drawn!

You’d be surprised at just how irate people can get over a few feet stepping into their property. The law is the law, though, and when it comes to adjacent properties under real estate law, the lines are drawn. Stay within them…more

Why Power Lines Aren’t as Important as a Company’s Right to Property

One would think that a city has ‘control’ over its parts. When it comes to real estate law, that’s not exactly true. Here we have a case between Alliance and the city of Idaho Falls involving a recent initiative to expand the…more

What Legal Options Do You Have When There’s a Blackout During Winter?

I figured it was prudent to address this issue given the “snow-pocalypse” we’ve all been getting in the Midwest, which naturally we here in Florida haven’t seen that one bit. Go figure. But for those shivering in the cold in…more

Why It’s Important to Know the Difference Between a “Floor” and “Foundation”

No, this isn’t going to be some discussion on construction, home improvement or DIY techniques. This isn’t wood shop from school. This is about real estate law. Unfortunately, though, that may include some deliberations about…more
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