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Dr. John A.C. Cartner, Evaluates USMMA Advisory Board Report and DOT Sec. Foxx’s Response [Video]

Maritime TV is pleased to have editorial contributor and maritime industry expert Dr. John A.C. Cartner, back in our studios with his valuable input and unique brand of commentary, after several months away for major open-heart…more
| Maritime Law, Transportation

Scenarios and Legal Maritime Analysis for C-Retriever Ship Officer Kidnappings [Video]

Noted Admiralty Attorney and Author, Dr. Capt. John A.C. Cartner was interviewed by Maritime TV about possible scenarios for C-Retriever Ship Officer Kidnappings…more
| Maritime Law

Captain Phillips' Crew Lawsuit Has No Merit [Video]

Noted Admiralty Attorney and Author, Dr. Capt. John A.C. Cartner was interviewed by Maritime TV in response to recent press accounts of a lawsuit claim filed by several former crew members of the Maersk Alabama related to the…more
| International Law & Trade, Maritime Law, Transportation

Engineering, Morality and the Next One Hundred Years

Delivered as an Invited Speech to The National [U.S.A.] Academy of Engineering, (Section 12) Annual Meeting 7 October 2013 …more
| International Law & Trade, Maritime Law, Transportation


The elephant in the room in West Africa, so to speak, and the suppression of piracy is corruption…more
| Conflict of Laws, Criminal Law, International Law & Trade, Maritime Law, Military Law

Ten Points to Rationalize and Restart the United States Maritime Industry [Video]

The Department of Transportation Executive Summary Draft Fiscal Year 2014-2018 Strategic Plan was just issued for comments with very little mention of maritime. Dr. Cartner issued a white paper that outlines a 10 Point Plan to…more
| Maritime Law, Transportation

Ten Points to Rationalize and Restart the United States Maritime Industry

Piecemeal and stopgap measures added to existing and increasingly cumbersome and antiquated laws are not working to foster strong US merchant marine foreign trade fleets and domestic fleets which are essential to the…more
| International Law & Trade, Maritime Law, Transportation

Fending Off Pirates: Depending On West African States To Help Won't Count For Much

The western African states have said clearly they do not have the naval, coast guard or customs resources to deal with the piracy evident in the Gulf of Guinea. Further, they do not say, but it is clear, they do not have the…more
| Criminal Law, International Law & Trade, Maritime Law

Maritime Reflections: Panama [Video]

Reflections on Panama's Criminal Justice System and its impact on Maritime Law and the transportation industry including Corruption, Effective Rule of Law, International Maritime Organization, False Imprisonment by Dr. Cartner…more
| Maritime Law, Transportation

Maritime Reflections: Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) [Video]

Reflections of the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program and its impact on Maritime and transportation industry by Dr. Cartner. …more
| Maritime Law, Transportation

Maritime Reflections: Pirates [Video]

What is the law around armed guards on ships? How do nations combat pirates? What is a brigand? ....Dr. Cartner reflects on the current laws and morality surrounding combating pirates. As a practicing maritime lawyer, Dr…more

The Delightfully Brief, Pithy and Wholly Idiosyncratic Video Newsletter - January 2013, Vol. 1, Edition 1

A Billion Here or There - Now that the President has another four years and the budget chasm is before the country. The so-called fiscal cliff comes. Of the many ways to save money, the Congress has chosen the meat cleaver…more
| Administrative Law, Elections & Politics, Finance & Banking, Maritime Law, Transportation

The Prisoner of Panama

Panama’s Shame in Shipping: The Horrors of Lajoya Prison for Seafarers…more
| Maritime Law

The Fortnightly Delightfully Brief, Pithy And Wholly Idiosyncratic Newsletter - September 1, 2012, Volume 1, Edition 14.

In This Issue: - God Save The King! - The Necessity That Is The USMMA - If I Were Superintendent - Urgings Excerpt from God Save the King! Delightfully Brief - Returning from holiday is always both a…more
| Maritime Law

What is the state of Anti-Piracy Efforts and Armed Guards on Vessels? [Video]

Evaluation of the international laws surrounding armed guards on vessels to deter pirates by John Cartner, M. Sc., M.B.A., LL.M., Ph. D., Master Mariner on maritimeTV The number of armed guards on vessels will continue to…more
| Maritime Law, Transportation
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