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3 Ways the System is Rigged Against Consumers

The other day I met with a family who was barely getting by – large family, large amount of debt, and underemployed for eighteen (18) months. For eighteen (18) months the husband had toiled at a job he was overqualified for,…more
| Bankruptcy, Finance & Banking, Consumer Protection

How Bankruptcy Stops Arizona’s Wage Garnishment Law Dead in Its Tracks

Imagine losing a full quarter of your paycheck. Terrifying, right? That is what happens when wages are garnished in Arizona. After meeting with thousands of families over the last eleven years I have come to realize that…more
| Bankruptcy

Should I Fight My Midland Funding Lawsuit if I Owe the Money?

I believe many people don’t fight back against debt buyers like Midland Funding, LLC because they believe that they owe the money so why fight it? In this article I want to give you three reasons why you should fight back…more
| Bankruptcy, Finance & Banking, Consumer Protection

Too Broke for Bankruptcy?

While it is not a requirement, most people who need to file bankruptcy are struggling with their current financial situation. However, it is not necessarily true that the more broke you are the more you need bankruptcy. In…more
| Bankruptcy

Can I Recover My Attorney’s Fees in My Lawsuit with Unifund (or Portfolio Recovery Associates, or CACH, LLC, or Cavalry SPV) ?

Cost is always one of the main concerns when it comes to deciding whether or not you will fight your debt collection lawsuit with Unifund (or Portfolio Recovery Associates, or CACH, LLC, or Cavalry SPV). Most people being sued…more
| Civil Remedies, Finance & Banking, Consumer Protection

How Much Cash Can I Have and File for Bankruptcy in Arizona?

When you file for bankruptcy in Arizona you are only allowed to have a limited amount of cash on hand on the day that your bankruptcy case is filed. Before I go any further it is important to understand that the laws I am about…more
| Bankruptcy

“It’s Just How Business is Done” – Judicial Bias in Junk Debt Buyer Cases?

This particular case was particularly bad as to the complete lack of evidence. The alleged debt had switched hands at least four times and not a single bill of sale identified a single account. The witness for Midland Funding…more
| Civil Procedure, Finance & Banking, Consumer Protection

Midland Funding is on my Credit Report? Will They Sue Me?

Long before debt buyers like Midland Funding file a lawsuit they start the whole debt collection process by showing up on your credit report. Soon after you will receive a letter or two entitled the “Pre-Legal Notification”…more
| Bankruptcy, Consumer Protection

How Wage Garnishment Works in Arizona

While there is no good time to have your wages garnished it seems that many people get hit at the worst possible time. In Arizona once a creditor has sued you and has a judgment against you they can garnish up to 25% of each…more
| Bankruptcy, Consumer Protection

Top 3 Mistakes People Make Before Filing Bankruptcy and How You Can Avoid Them

When the decision is finally made to file for bankruptcy usually it has been a long time coming. Rare is the bankruptcy case that needs to be filed on an emergency basis. For most there is sufficient time to gather all the…more
| Bankruptcy

Sued by Midland Funding? 3 Reasons Trial May Not Be a Good Option

Most of the Midland Funding lawsuits I defend on behalf of my clients end up in trial. It is my experience that Midland Funding often doesn’t give decent settlements offers prior to trial and the odds of winning your lawsuit are…more
| Civil Procedure, Finance & Banking

Reasons You May Want to Change the Judge in Your Debt Collection Lawsuit

Judges are people too. And often, particularly in the Arizona Justice Court System, the judge assigned to your case can greatly impact the outcome of your debt collection lawsuit. Judges each come to the bench with their own…more
| Civil Procedure, Finance & Banking

The Dangers in Representing Yourself in Your Debt Collection Lawsuit

I fully understand that in many debt collection lawsuits it doesn’t make a lot of sense for people to hire a lawyer. If you are being sued by a debt buyer like Midland Funding for $1,000 it doesn’t make a lot of sense to hire a…more
| Civil Procedure, Finance & Banking, Consumer Protection

When Can a Debt Collector Contact My Employer or Family?

A common tactic used by debt collectors is to contact your friends, family or to call you at work. The debt collectors fully understand that this humiliates you and puts you in fear of losing your job. And because you want to…more
| Finance & Banking, Consumer Protection

5 Reasons Consumers Should Sue Abusive Debt Collectors Under the FDCPA

Despite popular belief that Americans are a litigious bunch always looking for a good lawsuit, I haven’t experienced this in my law practice in Arizona. Particularly when it comes to Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)…more
| Civil Remedies, Finance & Banking, Consumer Protection
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