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Can Mediation Work in a Communication Breakdown?

Often couples heading towards divorce dismiss mediation as an option for one simple reason: Mediation implies communication. Some divorcing couples cannot stand to be in the same room with each other and cannot communicate in…more

| Family Law

When Mediation Is Not Mediation

When discussing mediation, most people have a tendency to focus on the clear benefits that have been proven time and again: The faster resolution, the lower cost, the less-combative atmosphere. While these are all absolutely…more

| Family Law

Taking the Sting Out of Divorce with Mediation

Divorce is rarely easy and never enjoyable. It always represents the end of something, and that usually means there was a happier time, a beginning when everything seemed wonderful and plans were made. If the inevitable has come…more

| Family Law

What Happens With Your Health Insurance After Divorce

One commonly overlooked facet to a divorce that involves a non-working spouse is the question of health coverage: If you were receiving health insurance benefits through your spouse's employer-provided health coverage, you must…more

| Family Law, Health, Insurance

Prenups: You Want Me to Sign What?

A prenuptial agreement - or 'prenup' - is one of those legal products that everyone is familiar with despite never having seen one. Recently, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) conducted a poll of its members and…more

| Family Law

Why Celebrities Choose Divorce Mediation

Most high-profile celebrities chose divorce mediation instead of litigation because it has advantages for anyone entering into the difficult and emotional decision to end a marriage. Divorce mediation is a less combative…more

| Family Law

Should Mediation Be Mandatory For Divorcing Couples?

As more and more courts are requiring mandatory divorce mediation, this article considers whether requiring mediation for all divorcing couples is something that will benefit people engaged in a painful and often confusing…more

| Family Law

Important Steps In Preparing For A Successful Mediation

This article addresses the core requirement of any successful divorce mediation process: Preparation, both emotional and factual, by both parties entering into the mediation session. By preparing an objective picture of the…more

| Family Law

8 Keys To Resolving Divorce Conflict

This piece seeks to show couples contemplating divorce that how they approach this final stage of their partnership is as crucial as the legal details they eventually settle on. We offer eight simple, common-sense pieces of…more

| Family Law

Contemplating Divorce - What to Do Now?

A piece intended to give a little guidance for individuals contemplating divorce. A solid understanding of your financial picture, together with ridding yourself of emotional uncertainty, divorce mediation, and a divorce coach…more

| Family Law

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