Kevin Rider

HR's Changing Role in Healthcare

Human resource professionals, once part of a stagnant paper pushing business, evolved to become an integral part of today’s health management team. Often working closely with management, the HR professionals are important…more

| Business Organizations, Health

Six Key Traits for Effective Hospital Leadership

Modern research has identified traits most useful for management and administration in large organizations. Each of the following are associated with managerial effectiveness: 1) Energy Level and Stress Tolerance; 2)…more

| Business Organizations, Health

Two Easy Methods to Manage Employees

In modern management, a leader who walks the talk, and uses positive encouragement, will teach employees exactly how to perform each task, and will reward themselves and others for a job well done. If the cycle is repeated…more

| Business Organizations, Health

COPD Disease Management - A Proposed Model

Disease management (DM) is a process that evolved from managed care principles. It uses evidence-based medicine, along with practice guidelines to assure patients receive optimal care while providing a favorable return on…more

| Health

The Impact of Stark Laws on Today's Doctor

The Stark Law is a well-intended law that arose due to problems with physicians referring patients to entities which the doctor had a financial incentive. A patient may have been sent to the doctor’s own lab, when another…more

| Health

Is Stem Cell Research Moral? Does Roe v. Wade help?

I was asked to argue the "pro" side of this topic because I stated I was against it. Did my own paper change my mind? I won't tell. Embryonic stem cell research (ES) has been described as one of the most significant…more

| Civil Rights, Health, Science, Computers, & Technology, Privacy

Brief Medicaid History and Future Challenges

The free reign of health benefits ended with the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. In an effort to trim billions from Medicaid costs, the federal government removed many restrictions from state governments. (Deficit Reduction Act…more

| Health

Contingency, Charismatic and Transformational Theories

This paper briefly explores the application of contingency, charismatc and transformational theories to the leadership of a health care organization. Theories that explain leadership effectiveness while facing situational…more


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