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How to Fix Your Law Practice Cash Flow Problems

Lack of steady, consistent, predictable cash flow is the number one problem most lawyers tell me they have in their law practices. They tell me that if they could just solve that problem, everything in their life would be…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

What’s Your Exit Strategy?

Will your law firm be a saleable asset, or just ride off into the sunset with you one day? For lawyers who figure it out, selling their law practice is a great retirement strategy…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

Lawyers: Is It Time To Quit Law?

You don’t have to love being a lawyer. There’s no requirement that you do. In fact, there’s no requirement that you continue practicing law. Think about that……more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Engaging Clients to Your Law Firm

In a previous post, I promised to write about how and why client engagement goes off the rails for many attorneys. As I reflected on that, it dawned on me that there really are only a few reasons people don’t engage with…more
| Law Firm Marketing

3 Reasons Business Owners Could Be Your Best Clients

If you are not currently serving business owners, now might just be the time for you to start. You see, handled the right way, business owners are great clients because……more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

The “Best” Law Practice Area: 3 Must-Haves

What’s the best area of law to practice? That’s a tough question. However, I’ve been surveying lawyers for the past few months and asking deep questions like What’s Your Biggest Struggle? and What Would It Mean To Have A…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

Clients for Life: How to Become a Trusted Advisor

What does it really mean to be a trusted advisor and why would you care? Well, when you’re a trusted advisor to your clients vs. just a “lawyer” they consult for one thing, one time……more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

Lawyer Tips: 5 Ways to Stop Sucking at Sales

Want to hear something funny? When you think about it, the oldest profession in the world is actually… sales. (Think about that for a minute if you don’t get the joke.)…more
| Law Firm Marketing

3 Steps to Quashing Negative Self-Talk

Last time we were together I promised to give you some starting points to address the negative thoughts in your head… As lawyers, we are particularly subject to them because of our upbringing, our training in law school and…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

6 Essential Law Practice Secrets to Engaging More Clients

I’ve sat through many practice-building seminars in the last five years, each one promising that if you follow their tips and tricks, you will grow you practice N-fold. By and large, these seminars describe in detail how to…more
| Law Firm Marketing

Lawyer Tips: How Negative Self-Talk Holds You Back From Success

I think lawyers have it the hardest of all the professions in terms of that negative judgmental voice in our heads. It was that voice, the one that told me that I would fail, that I was stupider than everybody else and that…more
| Law Firm Marketing, Law Practice Products & Services

Elements Of An Effective Law Business Plan

Your law business is your vehicle for realizing your dreams in life. Done properly you will create a business that provides you with the money you need to live the life you desire, and the time to enjoy it with loved ones…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

Creating An Experience — The Power of The New Law Business Model: Part 2

In my last post, I shared with you that the number one thing your clients will happily pay more for is “an experience”. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of experience as a lawyer. I don’t mean that kind of…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

8 Steps to Grow Your Law Practice: From “Solo” to Small Firm

“Grow or die!” is a vital mantra in business today, even in the law business. As a solo practitioner, there will come a time when you will be faced with the decision of whether to expand your work or maintain the status…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

3 Reasons To Write A Business Plan For Your Law Practice (Even Now!)

Remember that class you took in your second semester of law school… The one where you carefully laid out your vision for how your law practice would look, feel, function and flow cash from one month to the next?…more
| Law Practice Products & Services
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