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Law Firm Marketing: Engaging Your Prospects & Clients (How Not to Bore Your Audience to Death)

Last time I talked about how it is essential to build a relationship with your prospects and clients. (Read that here) When someone first meets you, often they are not quite ready to buy from you. Unless you are able to create…more
| Law Firm Marketing

5 Reasons to Be a Legal Entrepreneur Instead of an Associate

Here’s a truth for you: I have a vision of the world in which every person is an independent contractor with his or her company/ies… Where we freely trade our gifts, time and expertise for compensation in a fluid,…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

4 Mistakes Stopping Your Law Firm’s Phone Ringing

Last time we were together, I shared with you the 5 common mistakes lawyers make when it comes to engaging clients, and how to solve them. We got great feedback on the article (thank you, I love hearing from you) and one…more
| Law Firm Marketing

Prospect Engagement: 5 Common Mistakes Lawyers Make & How to Solve Them

When I was learning to engage clients, I thought it would be as simple as doing some speaking engagements in my local community, talking to my friends and letting them know I was now an estate planning attorney and clients would…more
| Law Firm Marketing

The Myth of the Difficult Client (It’s Not About You)

My life lesson: when I encounter resistance or difficulty, I can do one of two things. I can take it personally (and all the crap that comes with that), or surrender (and flow down the stream easily)…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

3 Woo-Woo Secrets to Building a Million Dollar Law Practice

I’m a pretty woo-woo gal. But at the same time, I have also built four million dollar a year plus revenue generating businesses using very practical strategies, which I share with you here. The first business was my law firm,…more
| Law Firm Marketing

Law Practice Money: Where Should You Invest?

Chances are the one thing keeping you from the success you want in your practice (and your life) is the way you are thinking about money. In all my years being an estate and business planning attorney and then teaching and…more
| Law Firm Marketing

Tips for Engaging Clients: The Energetics of Entrainment

When I started out in law practice, I kind of thought that my services would just be wanted and needed and that I’d eventually get paid for my expertise. Getting clients would be easy, right? Almost automatic, since I had…more
| Law Firm Marketing

Law Practice Websites: Lead Generating Machine or Pretty Brochure With No ROI?

Are you currently generating leads online? Would you like to be? (Of course you would.) So why aren’t you? Back in 2006, when I began first hearing about the idea of marketing on auto-pilot, I spent loads of time…more
| Law Firm Marketing

How to Add Estate Planning to Your Law Practice… And 7 Reasons Why You Should

Whether you are looking for an additional revenue stream for your law practice, or to switch from a law practice area you detest… If you’ve ever wondered about adding estate planning to your practice (or starting up an…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

Shocker: I Hate Estate Planning

Yes, I know. It’s shocking. The gal that Alexis always talks about being in love with her practice actually hates the words “estate planning”. I hate estate planning because it conjures up the images of a bunch of stuffy,…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

What Legal Marketing and Fishing Have in Common

Have you ever been fishing? It’s a great metaphor when you’re thinking about lead generation: 1.) What kind of fish do you want? 2.) Where do they hang out? 3.) What bait will get them to bite?…more
| Law Firm Marketing

Legal Marketing: Would You Hire These Lawyers?

I got a piece of lawyer advertising in the mail last week and I just knew I had to share it with you as an example of both what TO do and what NOT to do. First of all, let’s look at what’s really working here..…more
| Law Firm Marketing

Why Your Legal Marketing is Failing (& 7 Tips to Fix-It Now)

This past week on our Law Business Mentor’s Council webinar (this is the small mastermind for our highest level Personal Family Lawyer® members), Martha Hartney shared with us that she just had her best two months yet…more
| Law Firm Marketing

5 (More) Steps Out of the Entrepreneur’s Inevitable Business Plateau

Last week I explained how, for the entrepreneur, the “plateau” is natural and unavoidable. You might say this is especially true for the legal entrepreneur, since if you are starting a solo practice you are likely going…more
| Law Firm Marketing
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