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Disability Benefits Every Injured Victim Should Explore

Paying the cost of medical care is of paramount concern for people who have been seriously injured or disabled in accidents. Learning to cope with restricted mobility or speech deficiencies requires continuous, on-going medical…more

| Personal Injury

Liquor Stores Held Liable To Victims Of Drunk Drivers

Washington has a dram shop statute that states, "[n]o person shall sell liquor to any person apparently under the influence of liquor." Statutory violations are "punishable by a fine of not more than $500 as well as separate…more

| Personal Injury

Aggressive Drivers And Road Rage In Auto Accidents

Aggressive drivers endanger the lives of pedestrians and the public by weaving through traffic to get to their destinations on time. Many speed on busy roadways and fail to signal as they shift from lane to lane…more

| Personal Injury

What To Expect During A Car Accident Deposition

Although you can expect your attorney to do most of the work involved in litigating your car accident claim, some things require your personal presence. In most car accident cases where a lawsuit is filed, injury victims can…more

| Personal Injury

Tools Car Accident Lawyers Use To Gather Evidence

Discovery — the formal exchange of pertinent information between adverse parties in a lawsuit — is one of the most important phases in personal injury litigation. Evidence that is presented at trial must be disclosed during…more

| Personal Injury

Injury Concerns Following A Car Accident

Most people assume that proving the other side was at fault is the most difficult and most important hurdle in a personal injury lawsuit. Actually, even if the other party’s fault is beyond question it may still be a hard fight…more

| Personal Injury

Public Transportation Accidents

Automobile accidents caused by government-owned vehicles — including buses and trains — are common in Washington. In most states, government entities have a certain measure of immunity or limited liability in personal injury…more

| Personal Injury

Strict Liability In Car Accident Cases

Sometimes accidents happen even when all the parties involved take reasonable care. This is especially true for certain inherently dangerous activities that always carry some risk regardless of how carefully they are performed…more

| Personal Injury

Third Party Claims For Work Related Injuries

Washington state law prevents employees from suing their employers for on-the-job injuries and limits employer liability to paying L&I compensation. This law, however, does not prevent an injured employee from suing a party…more

| Labor & Employment Law, Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation

Taking Liability Beyond The At-Fault Driver

Although the driver of the car involved in your accident is most frequently the defendant in auto accident litigation, in cases involving company-owned vehicles, other parties may be liable. Because your ability to recover…more

| Criminal Law, Personal Injury

Special Issues In Truck Accidents

Although they are an essential part of our transportation infrastructure, large cargo trucks can pose a significant hazard to other motorists. Whether through poor maintenance, driver error or improper loading and routing, these…more

| Personal Injury

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