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Settle Student Loan Debt, Will I Pay Income Tax?

If you settle student loan debt after bankruptcy, you will not be able to use the bankruptcy exception to Forgiven Debt Income Tax, but you might still qualify for the insolvency exception. In any event, when settling private…more

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341 Meeting of Creditors, What To Wear?

The 341 meeting is the first, and usually the only, time the trustee sees you; so impressions matter. If your outfit does not match the expectation set by the petition, the bankruptcy trustee, consciously, or more likely…more

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Settling My 2nd Mortgage After Bankruptcy, Will I Owe Tax?

Normally, a settled debt is subject to what the IRS refers as forgiven debt income tax liability. For example, let’s say you owe a bank $10,000, and the bank later agrees to accept $4,000 as a full accord and satisfaction of…more

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What Happens When A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is Dismissed?

When a chapter 13 bankruptcy is dismissed, you still owe the debt that was included in the bankruptcy, minus any payments received by the creditors from the chapter 13 trustee. However, the creditors get to go back to your…more

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Can You Buy A Car Before Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

One frequently posed solution to lowering a chapter 13 bankruptcy debtor's plan payment is for the debtor to purchase, and finance, a vehicle on the eve of filing bankruptcy. Is such a plan a legitimate case planning tool and…more

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Bankruptcy Monthly Expense Worksheet

Nothing is more important in bankruptcy than the monthly budget. Your budget determines if you qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy, or if chapter 13 bankruptcy, determines your monthly payment. The challenge, is that many people…more

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Debt is Slavery

Do you know how much power you give your lenders by taking on debt? Aside from committing a criminal act, being in debt is the greatest restriction on your freedom, both in time and money. Debt is really slavery. Join Matt…more

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In Re Elliot, Colorado Bankruptcy...

Surplus Foreclosure Funds Exempt Under Colorado Homestead Exemption

In the rare event (in this depressed housing market) that a foreclosure sale yields surplus funds beyond that needed to satisfy the mortgage, the prior homeowner receives those funds; those funds are protected from other…more

| Bankruptcy

Not Filing Bankruptcy Can Cost You Over $1 Million Dollars

It can cost you over a MILLION dollars in lost savings if you don't file bankruptcy to resolve your debt challenges. The true cost of getting out of debt is not just the interest paid on credit cards, its the lost opportunity to…more

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