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The Qualified Quiet Disclosure: Operating Outside Of The IRS Offshore...

Individuals with previously undisclosed foreign assets and/or income have a variety of options to become compliant with the IRS, with two avenues for resolution being the most common: Qualified Quiet Disclosure and the Offshore…more

| Criminal Law, Finance & Banking, International Law & Trade, Taxation

The Government Shutdown - Great News For Some Taxpayers

The budget impasse has suspended audits conducted by the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) and cases currently being litigated before the United States Tax Court. This will undoubtedly be a huge opportunity for a number of…more

| Elections & Politics, Taxation

Feeling Generous This Year?

Giving to others is rewarding in and of itself, but it's always nice to see your generosity provide you with a tax benefit and result in a lower tax bill. In our tax law practice we represent many individuals and one of the…more

| Finance & Banking, Taxation, Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning

IRS Form 1099 Enforcement Program - Another Fishing Expedition?

The Housing Assistance Tax Act of 2008 included a new IRS mandate that requires certain companies that settle payments for merchants and other payment processors to report the gross sales of the transactions to the IRS each…more

| Commercial Law & Contracts, Taxation

Prop. 30 proposes higher income tax for well off in California

It's no secret that the state of California is in a dubious position, facing considerable debt in the wake of our Nation’s recent recession. In order to increase revenue, Governor Jerry Brown has proposed a series of tax…more

| Elections & Politics, Taxation

South Korean government cracks down on offshore accounts

In the last 10 years, South Korea has seen an incredible surge in economic expansion. The country now represents the fourth largest economy in Asia, and the capital city of Seoul - particularly its Gangnam neighborhood - has…more

| Administrative Law, Finance & Banking, International Law & Trade,...

Just how is the Expatriation Tax Calculated?

It has been all over the news lately, wealthy U.S. taxpayers, such as, Eduardo Saverin (a Facebook founder), Denise Rich (songwriter), and another eighteen hundred, or so, have forfeited their U.S. citizenship for U.S. tax…more

| Finance & Banking, Immigration Law, International Law & Trade, Taxation

Are you eligible for federal employment if you owe taxes?

Legislation Pending to Require Higher Tax Accountability for Federal Employees - On July 31, 2012, the United States House of Representatives passed H.R. 828, also known as the “Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act of…more

| Administrative Law, Labor & Employment Law, Taxation

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