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Blowing the Whistle

Corruption has become a global malaise and for its eradication, “Whistle Blowing” laws have been enacted by U.K., U.S.A. and Australia. Corrupt practices violate human rights and basic freedom and affect the…more

| Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, Civil Remedies, Constitutional Law


"Crooks are getting smarter and technology is getting more advanced, and this makes the crook ahead of the police in the game” The innovation of new technology not only allow to devise the new means of working and after…more

| Science, Computers, & Technology, Securities Law

Phishing Scams in India and Legal Provisions

The media runs stories on an almost daily basis covering the latest bank to have their customers targeted and how many victims succumbed to the attack. It may be you too. Suppose, one day you open your email, and found a weird…more

| Intellectual Property, Science, Computers, & Technology

Plea Bargaining- A New Development in the Criminal Justice System

“Plead Guilty and bargain Lesser Sentence” is the shortest possible meaning of Plea Bargaining. In its most traditional and general sense, “plea bargaining” refers to pre-trial negotiations between the…more

| Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Law Practice Products & Services

Cyberspace-A new front of war

The incidents of war happened in the real world is mirrored in cyber space, given the recent incidents of hacking of government websites by state or non state group of hackers for political, military, espionage purposes. As the…more


FIR in Cyber Squatting: Misinterpretation of IT Act

Recently, a FIR has been lodged by the Economic Offences Wing of the Delhi Police on the complaint of the President Secretariat citing a copy of an article published in the Economic Times, dated November 29, 2009, which…more


Blatant misuse of Information Technology Act

The blatant misuse of penal provision by the law enforcement agencies due to ignorance of law is not new. The same is true with technical legislations like Information Technology Act, 2000. As per the mandate of the IT Act,…more

| Science, Computers, & Technology

Money Circulation Scheme or Money Cheating Scheme

Money Circulation Schemes throughout the nation is mushrooming under different guises and nomenclature, eating away monies of the gullible public by luring them to become rich overnight through money circulation schemes. This…more


Cyber Imposter created fake profile of President of India

The Social Networking Sites have become popular especially among the younger generation and most of the net users have their profiles in many popular networking sites among them the Face Book is the most popular and the largest…more

| Criminal Law, Science, Computers, & Technology, Privacy

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