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Letter before claim: unregistered design right

In IP Dispute Resolution in England and Wales: why sending a US style “Cease and Desist Letter” or old style “Letter before Action” may not be a good idea JDSupra, 13 Jan 2012 I discussed the requirements of the Practice…more

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Basic Law for Web Designers No. 3: Copyright

This is the third of a series of articles on basic law for web designers. The first two articles were on contractual issues. This article focuses on intellectual property and, in particular, on copyright. The article answers…more

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Patents County Court: Case Management Directions

Case management conferences are very important in Patents County Court litigation. They present the only opportunity to stay an action or transfer it to another court. They are the occasion when the court decides the…more

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Franchising - what can a franchisee do if things go wrong?

Following on from my article on the franchise agreement I consider what a franchisee can do if his franchise fails despite his or her best efforts. The franchise agreement is likely to contain a term that enables the…more

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The franchise agreement: understanding what you are letting yourself in for.

If you take a franchise you will be asked to sign a contract which will be at least 30 pages long. This contract will have been drafted by the franchisor's lawyers and it will look after the franchisor's interests and not yours…more

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Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution in the UK

What to do if someone appears to infringe your patent, copyright, design, trade mark or other intellectual property right or accuses you of infringing his or her rights? Litigation is expensive in England and Wales and indeed…more

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Basic Law for Web Designers No 2: Website Terms and Conditions

This is the second article in my series on basic law for web designers. This article focuses on the terms and conditions that should appear on the website itself. Every website should have at least two sets of terms,…more

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Basic Law for Web Designers No 1: Introduction to Contract Law

I have been consulted by web designers and their customers ever since the earliest days of the wold wide web. I have read and reviewed many of their contracts and drafted a large number of my own. Sometimes I have represented…more

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What Business Angels and VCs need to know about IP

This article introduces intellectual property to business angels, venture capitalists and other investors. After some basic information on intellectual property law the article sets out the following simple 6-point strategy…more

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DIFC Courts

The governments of the United Arab Emirates and Dubai have established a free zone for financial services in Dubai known as the Dubai International Financial Centre ("the DIFC") in the hope that it will become a major financial…more

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Choosing A Logo

This short article outlines the main legal protection for devices or logos in the UK: - copyright - passing off - trade marks, and - registered designs. It gives some practical advice on searches, watch services and…more

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Do you need to patent your invention?

Patenting is expensive, especially in Europe, and most patents are never worked. That being the case is there really any point in patenting? Patents protect revenue streams and where there is unlikely to be any revenue, the…more

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Confidentiality Agreement

A general purpose confidentiality agreement. Such an agreement would be suitable for discussions between joint adventurers or between an inventor or entrepreneur and a possible investor. This draft spells out the…more

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