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Create Your Stop Doing List

Many new firm leaders severely underestimate the time that is going to be required of them to really do the job. In fact, a recent Citibank/HBR 2014 Client Advisory, provided a commentary under the title: The Leadership…more

Is Your Firm Facing A Leadership Transition

Do these sound like some of the questions that every new Firm Leader is likely ask themselves: • Am I really clear on the reasons why I accepted this position? • How can I be sure that I have correctly understood what is…more

McKenna's International Review Magazine - Spring 2014

International Review is my 24-page glossy, printed magazine distributed to over 1600 law firm chairs and managing partners throughout North America. The articles in this issue include The Seeds of Competitive Disruption which…more

Firm Leadership Is NOT For Wimps!

Leadership Truths We Don't Talk About Here are eight truths that I know to be valid based upon anecdotal evidence gleaned from countless discussions and interviews with firm leaders much wiser than I…more

A Novel Approach To Compensation

Conventional wisdom, as well as economic theory, tells us that the more of something we have, the less of it we want . . . but that is not the case with money! According to some brand new research released in January by Jeffrey…more

Are You Getting The Minutes From Your Practice Group Meetings?

Whenever I’ve been called in to work with a firm’s practice group, some group that needs remedial attention, one of my first questions of firm leadership is to please send me copies of the groups’ meeting minutes. The response…more

6 Factors That Can Impede Effective Firm Leader - COO Relationships

One needs to keep in mind that the Firm Leader-COO team, in a sense, is two people who have been forced to work together – rather than having chosen the arrangement voluntarily. That is not intended to be pejorative, but the…more

The Seeds of Competitive Disruption

Today there is a new reality in which increasing numbers of legal departments, constrained by tight budgets, are demanding cost concessions and predictability in their bills. That shift has brought with it a groundswell of new…more

Are You Developing A Star Culture?

Some years back, while working with the Strategic Planning Committee of a 300 lawyer, regional powerhouse, we were exploring various options for growth when one partner delightedly announced that an unsettled local merger…more

Exploring The Dark Side: When Firm Leaders Overuse Their Strengths

In my article Malignant Leadership, I talked about the merits of psychological evaluations and about how “increasing stress, work overload, fatigue, high emotion, and lack of social vigilance can increase the probability of…more

Competitive Plagarism

Ask most firm leaders to identify those business CEOs that they most admire and they would probably list a small group of highly entrepreneurial names that would include Jack Welch, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson or Warren Buffet. …more

Fall 2013 Issue of International Review Magazine

International Review is a 24-page glossy, printed magazine distributed to over 1600 law firm chairs and managing partners throughout North America. The articles in this issue include cautioning firms about the overuse of…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

McKenna's Spring 2013 International Review magazine

Here’s my newest issue of International Review – an issue that I hope contains a balanced blend of thoughtful insight and practical contributions on law firm strategy and leadership. Today, I believe we face a time when doing…more
| Law Firm Marketing, Law Practice Products & Services

6 Elements of Meaningful Differentiation

At a time when the demand for legal services is on a decline, the root of all successful strategy lies in being differentiated. Your firm and your individual practice groups must all work at making themselves distinctive and…more
| Law Firm Marketing, Law Practice Products & Services

Malignant Leadership

A lack of effective oversight can allow even a well-intentioned managing partner to go bad…more
| Law Firm Marketing, Law Practice Products & Services, Professional Malpractice
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