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Major Changes to Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Last month, the federal government announced major changes to Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program that increased employer application fees, changed the assessment criteria for approving temporary foreign workers, and added…more

Hiring Foreign Workers? Take the Right Steps

Domestic labour shortages are resulting in employers recruiting more temporary foreign workers: individuals who are neither Canadian citizens not permanent residents. Temporary foreign workers must obtain work permits from the…more

Immigration Law 2014: Big Brother Comes Knocking ... With a Battering Ram

In the last 12 months, the immigration landscape for employers has become much more complicated. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has introduced warrantless searches of employer premises to better enforce immigration laws,…more

Working Abroad in North and South America

When recruiting foreign engineers and geoscientists to work in Canada, one of the best ways is to use temporary entry provisions found in various free trade agreements Canada has with other countries. While Canadian businesses…more

Immigration Policies of the Three Main Federal Parties

Canada’s immigration policy is one of the most talked-about public policy issues. As a result, the Filipino Journal, on our readers’ behalf, sent simultaneous e-mails to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the…more

Why Checking off the Wrong Box can Bar you from Canada for 2 Years

What does it mean to misrepresent yourself on your immigration application? According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, a misrepresentation occurs “when a person makes false statements, submits false information, or submits…more

Appealing an Immigration Decision? You May Only Get One Chance

“Marriages of convenience” or “marriage fraud" is not a new concern for Citizenship and Immigration Canada. When an individual files an application to sponsor their spouse and the application is refused because Citizenship and…more

In An Immigration Application, Documents are more Important than Words

Where do immigration officers draw the line between verifying what is true in an immigration application, and violating the rights of the applicant? If officers believe that false or erroneous information has been included in an…more

A Practical Guide to Canada’s New Immigration Rules

On December 31, 2013, a number of immigration rules changed, impacting employers of temporary foreign workers (TFWs). These changes will require employers to update their human resources systems to ensure they meet these new…more

Does Immigration Give Second Chances?

Under the law, there is no formal appeal process for most refused immigration applications. Citizenship and Immigration Canada often takes the position that if your immigration application is refused, their decision will not be…more
| Immigration Law

Using Immigration to Get Ahead of the Competition: How Canada’s New Permanent Residency Programs Can Be Used By Your Company to Expand the Talent Pool

In the last 12 months, virtually all of Canada’s economic permanent residency programs have been overhauled. Canada’s introduction of the new Federal Skilled Trades Class, along with major revisions to the Federal Skilled…more
| Immigration Law

Sponsoring your Parents in 2014? Prepare Now!

In 2011, Canada stopped accepting applications for sponsorship of the parents and grandparents of Canadian permanent residents. An application quota has been set at 5,000 - Learn how you can help ensure that your application is…more
| Immigration Law

Asking Immigration for extensions

Often in the immigration process, Immigration requires additional documentation to be submitted by a certain date. Many times, it is difficult to get the requested documents in time. In these cases, an extension must be asked…more
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Becoming "Economically Established" in Canada or How a provincial nominee application can be refused by the federal government

Every year a number of provincial nominee applications are refused because applicants are unable to prove they will become ”economically established” in Canada. Even after a provincial nominee certificate is approved,…more
| Immigration Law

Losing Permanent Residency

Canadian permanent residents must be physically present in Canada for 730 days in every five year period to maintain their Canadian permanent residence. When applying for a permanent resident card, two questions that arise are:…more
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