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A Gloss on the Report by the Supreme Audit Office on the "supervision of special services" (Poland 2014)

On 26 August 2014 the President of the Supreme Audit Office (SAO) presented the main points of the Report “on the supervision of special services” in Poland. It is difficult to address the content of the report in general, since…more

Commentary to the article by Prime Minister Donald Tusk concerning the proposal to create an energy union, which was featured in the Financial Times (21 April 2014)

Tusk’s proposal cannot be viewed without the context of domestic policy. The "Energy Union" proposal fits right into the political and election campaigns that will take place in Poland in 2014. The "Energy Union" proposal…more

Assessment of shale gas potential in Poland (2014)

It is worth to point out the indolence of authorities, who in the area of “real politics” intensely discuss diversification of gas supplies to Poland, as well as becoming independent of gas supplies from the Russian Federation,…more

The influence exerted on journalists’ activity by Internal Security Agency officers – de lege lata and de lege ferenda regulations (Poland, 2014)

Art. 153b of the 2002 Act and Art. 197 of the 2013 Bill penalize the use by the officers of the information acquired either while fulfilling or in connection with their duties for the purpose of affecting the…more

Information Security as Exemplified by Clandestine Collaboration and Influence Exerted by the Polish Internal Security Agency Officers on Journalists - De Lege Lata and De Lege Ferenda Regulations

The text addresses the issue of information security as exemplified by clandestine collaboration and the influence exerted by the Internal Security Agency officers upon journalists. The texts analyzes the de lege lata…more

Commentary on the planned work on the act “against the Big Brother” presented by the Minister of Internal Affairs B. Sienkiewicz (Poland, 2013)

In 2013 the Minister of Internal Affairs B. Sienkiewicz announced work on the bill “against the Big Brother”. The announcement of B. Sienkiewicz of the act regulating among others the principles of operation of video…more
| Administrative Law, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Privacy, Securities Law

Opinion on the proposed reform of the secret services in Poland - the Bill on the Internal Security Agency's (2013)

In fact, the biggest problem of Polish secret services (including ISA) is their lack of specialization. Despite determining their activities, under the current law, the ISA deals with “everything and nothing”, which means that…more
| Administrative Law, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Privacy, Securities Law

Transmission easement – selected problems

This paper analyzes the transmission easement institution based both on Polish civil law and legal solutions prepared on the basis of Polish administrative law. In the first case the analyzed solutions contained in the Civil…more
| Administrative Law, Energy & Utilities, Zoning, Planning & Land Use

Transmission corridors – selected problems

The basis for the isolation of a new type of transmission easement under the bill on transmission corridors was the inefficiency of the regulations and the insufficiency of the legal system and institutions for the provision of…more
| Administrative Law, Energy & Utilities, Zoning, Planning & Land Use

"Pornographic content related to presentation of violence" - art. 202 § 3 of the Criminal Code (Poland)

The legal issue related to the so-called hard-core pornography (pornography using and presenting violence) has been generally presented on the example of the Polish Criminal Code. Of particular importance is art. 202, § 3, which…more
| Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Privacy

The notion of energy security in the European Union

In the case of the European Union there is a special notion of energy security, which comprises a number of elements. Energy security is frequently represented as part of energy policy, but we often deal with an overlap of the…more
| Energy & Utilities, Environmental Law, International Law & Trade, Securities Law
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