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The New ICC Mediation Rules

The new ICC Mediation Rules, launched in December 2013 came into effect on 1 January 2014, replacing the ICC Amicable Dispute Resolution (ADR) Rules which had been in force since July 2001. The new Rules are short and…more


The Reform of English Insurance Contract Law (Russian)

This is a "free" translation into Russian of my article on the reform of English insurance contract law, and now completes this set of translations. This most recent reform progamme has now been underway for nearly 10 years. It…more


La Mediación en Inglaterra y Gales

This is a free translation of the main introduction to my book "Mediation in England and Wales", in spanish, with free translation of the book reviews. The book will be published in due course. The book was originally put…more


The Reform of Insurance Contract law: a Sisyphean task?

The Marine Insurance Act is durable and enduring, remarkably so - it has remained in place, substantially unamended in over 100 years. It is a classic example of accuracy, brevity, clarity with just 94…more

| Insurance, Maritime Law

Titanic : Séléné et Hélios, le feu, la glace et la guerre

Aujourd’hui, le mot « TITANIC » évoque plusieurs possibilités : les dieux préolympiens (dont plusieurs ont joué un rôle dans cette saga) ; les termes gigantesque, massif, énorme et bien entendu l’éponyme, « TITANIC »…more

| Maritime Law

El Titanic: Selene y Helios; fuego, hielo y guerra

En la actualidad la palabra titanic evoca varios significados: los antiguos dioses preolímpicos (varios de los cuales han intervenido en esta saga); una magnitud gigantesca, colosal o enorme y el …more

| Maritime Law

La Pirateria somala: il prezzo di una vita

La notizia del rilascio di Judith Tebbutt ha riportato sulle prime pagine dei quotidiani britannici il problema del pagamento dei riscatti e, sebbene nessuno intenda togliere né a lei né alla sua famiglia la gioia e il…more

| Maritime Law

Titanic: Selene & Helios, Fire, Ice & War

This is a slightly amended article on the sinking of the Titanic (a shorter version is printed in my firm's Newsletter today). My firm represented the owners in the Board of Trade Enquiry in 1912 and when I started work in 1981…more

| Maritime Law

La Piratería somalí: el precio de una vida

La noticia de la liberación de Judith Tebbutt ha vuelto a traer a las portadas de la prensa británica el tema del pago de rescates. Nadie querría privar a Judith Tebbutt, ni a su familia, de la alegría y el alivio que…more

| Maritime Law

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