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No Copyright for Banana Lady's Performance

Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner is no second banana to the Banana Lady. Not only did Judge Posner write an opinion affirming the dismissal of the Banana Lady’s copyright infringement lawsuit, but he also pealed back…more

| Practices Deceive Consumers, FTC Charges

The operators of may be the real jerks—and may be violating federal law—according to charges levied by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in an administrative complaint. The FTC accused Jerk, LLC, the operator of…more


Law Firm Solicitation Not Protected by Anti-SLAPP Act

An advertising campaign soliciting former dental patents as potential clients for a law firm is commercial speech, which is not protected under the Texas anti-SLAPP statute. The law firm, Mauze & Bagby, P.L.L.C. (M&B) “ran…more


Michael Jordan's Right of Publicity Case Reinstated

Michael Jordan has scored again—this time at the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals—but it’s no slam dunk. The appellate court found that a full-page spread by Jewel Food Stores, Inc., in a Sports Illustrated commemorative…more


Malware Encrypts, Demands Ransom for Your Data

Beware of a malware computer program that encrypts all of your computer data and holds it for ransom, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and FBI warn. Called Cryptolocker, the program locks all of a computer’s data. In order…more


Guide to Talking with Kids About the Internet

Need to talk to your kids about internet use? The Federal Trade Commission has issued an updated guide to help with the conversation. “Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online” provides advice to parents on how to…more


Posting Recording of Earnings Call Is Fair Use

The posting by a news service of a recording and transcript of a call with financial analysts is a “fair use” and not copyright infringement, the Second Circuit found. Bloomberg L.P., a financial news and data reporting…more


For Defamation, Blogger and Journalist Are the Same

A blogger has the same First Amendment rights as a traditional journalist and to prove defamation for a post, a plaintiff must show some degree of negligence by the blogger, the Ninth Circuit found. The case involved one of…more


Car Hacking and Terrorism: What Laws Apply?

Today’s cars are computers on wheels and are subject to hacking and infection by malware. The legal implications of this technical vulnerability have yet to be adequately addressed, according to the attorneys at Balough Law…more


Rent-to-Own Franchisees Use Spyware to Gather Passwords, Intimate Conduct

Some franchisees of Aaron’s, Inc., the rent-to-own retailer, leased computers with programs that spied on their customers with the franchisor’s knowledge and assistance. Aaron’s, Inc. agreed to a consent decree with the…more

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