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Law Firm SEO Tactics to Avoid in 2013

Over the past year, Google has made a number of significant changes to its delivery of search engine rankings. In light of those changes, law firms that employ various aggressive search marketing tactics need to reconsider them…more
| Law Firm Marketing, Law Practice Products & Services

Web Law Predictions for 2013

It’s become my December routine. First, get the Clawbies season started: check. Then, turn my attention to legal web trends and predictions for the upcoming calendar year. Now, yes, I am the guy who told you in 2012 that…more
| Law Firm Marketing, Law Practice Products & Services

Death of Blogging? Not So Fast

Adrian Lurssen’s recent piece, “Are We Heading to a Post-Blogging World?”, made waves last month, and I’ve been mulling it over ever since. In short, Adrian discusses the growing trend of writers foregoing their own blogs to…more
| Law Firm Marketing

Ten Tips For Building a Law Firm Publishing Culture

If you’ve been paying any attention at all to the zeitgeist of legal web marketing the last couple years, you know that producing and publishing content is the best possible way to grow your online reputation. But “content,…more
| Law Firm Marketing, Law Practice Products & Services

The Rise of Distributed Publishing

It’s a fundamental marketing decision for many law firms: How much content should we publish outside our website? For many years, the answer always seemed to be: none. Firms tried to serve and address every audience and every…more
| Law Firm Marketing, Law Practice Products & Services

How Law Firms #fail at Social Med

It’s no longer new or innovative for law firms to use Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn as elements of their public web presence. Social media tools have become sufficiently standard that we can probably declare 2012 the year firms…more
| Law Firm Marketing

Web Law Predictions for 2012

Creating an annual roundup of legal web technology predictions was never on my personal "to do" list. Rather, it was an accidental offering started here at Slaw a few years ago. Now, much like repeated broadcasts of "It's a…more
| Law Firm Marketing, Law Practice Products & Services

Revisiting PDFs for Law Firm Websites and Mobile Publishing

Most law firms have a history of using Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF) to distribute their brochures, papers and longer written pieces. That practice matches what web usability experts have long advised: “PDF is great for…more
| Law Firm Marketing, Law Practice Products & Services

Law Firm Website Contact Forms

It’s arguably the most important thing on your law firm’s website, the whole reason why it exists. Yet it’s usually parked in some distant corner of the site, and a challenge for visitors to find quickly and use easily. What…more
| Law Firm Marketing, Law Practice Products & Services

Is "Humble" in Your Marketing Repertoire?

Occasionally, we hear about celebrities or athletes whose oversized egos tripped them up in public, and we blame their downfall on “reading their own press clippings.” A similar danger lurks for lawyers who are simply trying to…more
| Law Firm Marketing, Law Practice Products & Services

Optimizing Your Online Shingle: On-Page and Off-Page Best Practices

Lawyers and their firms increasingly understand that participating in social networks and other online forums is an expected element of business development today. That does not, however, mean that the firm’s website takes a…more
| Law Firm Marketing, Law Practice Products & Services

Deconstruct your Competitors' Websites

Sometimes, the winning formula is right in front of you. This is often true when marketing your firm online and building its web presence. Many lawyers would benefit from spending just a few hours reviewing the websites of their…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

Elevate Your Game: Building Profile Online for Solo Attorneys and Small Firms

The Internet is the great leveler for solo and small-firm lawyers. It’s a printing press, distribution network and broadcast tower, all rolled up into one package. As far as marketing investments go, online tools deliver…more
| Law Firm Marketing, Law Practice Products & Services

Measuring Law Firm Website Success

“How do we know if our website is delivering value?” More law firm partners are asking this question these days, especially when the website commands a noticeable chunk of the IT or marketing budgets (or both). However, unlike…more
| Law Firm Marketing, Law Practice Products & Services

Think Global, Search Local: Claiming Your Spot on Google Places

Search engines have already outstripped the Yellow Pages as a way for consumers to find businesses in their city or town. Now Google has introduced a major change that will affect the chances of local clients finding your firm…more
| Law Firm Marketing, Law Practice Products & Services
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