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Don't Overlook Your Child's Extracurricular Access Plan

Parents and schools often work on academic access for children with disabilities, but sometimes forget to consider extracurricular access for athletics and other activities. The Office for Civil Rights has issued guidance that…more


Think Through Clergy Communications

Communications with clergy may be privileged, but when are they privileged and who holds the privilege? A pastor who is not clear about clergy communications can create quite a spiritual and legal mix-up, as in one case about…more


Reporting Child Abuse: Critical and Complex

Religious organizations are aware that they need to report alleged child abuse. They are not always aware of complexities in the reporting statutes, such as time frames, level of belief or suspicion, when immunity applies, and…more


What Public Administrators Can Learn from the Catholic Scandal

Public administrators need to be aware of good crisis management approaches. Mr. Tom Barth has written an interesting article drawing out lessons for public administrators from the Catholic Church's failures and successes in the…more

| Administrative Law, Education, Labor & Employment Law, Nonprofit Law

"Survey of Nonprofit Risk Management"--What Does it Say?

How do nonprofits manage risk? Sometimes with hard business sense, and sometimes with a blend of faith and wishful thinking that is scary. Crystal & Company did a fascinating survey of nonprofit risk management that explains…more

| Insurance, Nonprofit Law

Don't Ask Me to Be Your Facebook Friend--New Social Media Law in Colorado

Employees reveal a lot of personal information on social media, which opens lively debates about whether and how employers can access that information. A new Colorado statute significantly limits employer's access by making it…more

| Civil Rights, Labor & Employment Law, Privacy, Science, Computers, &...

Local Government and Legislative Prayer--Can They Pray or Not?

Battles rage around the country over whether legislative meetings such as town councils can open with prayer--and if they can, what kind of prayer is permissible. Decisions, such as the two discussed in this blog, go different…more

| Civil Rights, Constitutional Law

Has the School Properly Tested Your Child?

An interesting new article addresses a common problem in special education law--whether the school's evaluation is adequate. Mark Weber's article, "All Suspected Areas of Disability," discusses new case law, and points out that…more

| Civil Rights, Education

You Gave the Church Away?

Church property cases are tough for courts because they have to figure out a way to resolve the conflict without getting involved in evaluating theology or doctrine. In a small Baptist Church case with an unusual power…more

| Constitutional Law, Nonprofit Law, Real Estate - Commercial

How Do I Know How Much This Case Is Worth?

Both plaintiff and defendant in litigation need to evaluate how much the case is worth. When they are able to agree at a certain point, the case will settle. If they intend to go to trial, they must know if it is worth it. The…more

| Labor & Employment Law, Law Firm Marketing, Personal Injury

What is RLUIPA Substantial Burden on a Church, Anyway?

When a governmental land use regulation imposes a substantial burden on churches, RLUIPA requires that the government show that it has a compelling interest and is meeting that interest in the least restrictive way. So initially…more

| Constitutional Law, Nonprofit Law, Real Estate - Commercial, Zoning,...

Forbidding or Allowing Student Religious Speech

A recent unpublished case discusses when a school can forbid student religious speech. If the speech is school-sponsored expressive speech, the school has much more leeway to exercise editorial control, needing only to relate…more

| Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Education

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