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Letting Go of Old Ideas

Two recently published books make the claim that the legal profession has changed (Steven Harper’s The Lawyer Bubble: A Profession in Crisis) or is changing (Richard Susskind’s Tomorrow’s Lawyers: An Introduction to Your…more
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A Counterpoint To “The Most Robust Legal Market That Ever Existed In This Country”

There is a line in Professor Reich-Graefe’s recent essay, Keep Calm and Carry On, 27 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 55 (2014), that is attracting a lot of interest among lawyers, law students, and legal academics: [R]ecent law school…more
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If Legal Education Were More Experiential, Would It Really Matter?

I think the answer is yes. But, unfortunately, in virtually all of the debate surrounding legal education, there is a tremendous lack of clarity and precision about how we assess improvements in quality. And equally relevant,…more
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Did the Market for Law Firm Associates Peak 25 Years Ago?

Based on the chart below, which reflects 35 years of large law firm data, the answer appears to be yes. The chart enables us to compare two very simple trendlines: the percentage of lawyers in NLJ 250 law firms who have the…more
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Is Axiom the Bellwether for Disruption in the Legal Industry? Legal Whiteboard (Nov 2013)

I think the answer is yes. For the last several years, I have been an avid watcher of Axiom's growth, but this article in Friday's Houston Business Journal finally convinced me that the top-end of the legal industry is changing…more
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Law & Technology Assignment, Henderson's Corporations Class (Fall 2013)

This is an assignment given to students in my fall 2013 Corporations class at Indiana University Maurer School. The purpose of the assignment was two-fold. First, to obtain knowledge on the basic elements of what it takes to…more

Sea Change in the Legal Market, NALP Bulletin (Aug 2013)

This article examines the change in the entry level legal market over the last ten years and concludes that a sea change is in progress. This conclusion is based on three core findings. First, between 2002 and 2012, the level…more
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Question Authority, National Jurist (Jan 2013)

This essay argues that today's law students can help legal education and the legal profession by questioning the authority of today's legal educators -- albeit respectfully, which is key. As an elder of legal education myself,…more
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Introducing the Fromm Six, National Jurist (Mar 2013)

This Article introduces readers to the Fromm Six -- short, powerful competency model for lawyers and law students. It also tell the story of Leonard Fromm, the Dean of Students and Alumni Affairs at Indiana University Maurer…more
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Washington & Lee is the Best Legal Education Story of 2013, Legal Whiteboard (Jan 2013)

There is empirical evidence that Washington & Lee’s experiential 3L curriculum is delivering a significantly better education to 3L students—significantly better than prior graduating classes at W&L, and significantly better…more
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Losing the Law Business, Cayman Financial Review (Jan 2013)

This article discusses the rise of a new generation of legal entrepreneurs who are using technology and process-driven business methods to provide wide range of legal product and inputs. A common theme among these vendors is…more
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Why Are We Afraid of the Future of Law, National Jurist (Sept 2011)

This article discusses future trends in law and notes that law students are, remarkably, the most conservative when it comes to accepting future trends. Originally published in the Sept 2012 edition of the National Jurist…more
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Milbank's Big Bet, American Lawyer (May 2011)

The Wall Street firm of Milbank Tweed has stepped out of the pack to create a new lawyer development program called Milbank@Harvard. Although the program may look expensive to its peers, its business logic bears a striking…more
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