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PHH v. CFPB En Banc Oral Argument Recap: Who Won?

by Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP on

...The Skinny on the Scuffle - During the 1 hour and 36 minute debate held on May 24, the parties and the full D.C. Circuit Court engaged in a lively and passionate back and forth, mostly over the constitutionality of the Bureau. A very small portion of the debate reflected discussion regarding the underlying RESPA issues, including applicable... more

The Financial Report, Volume 6, Number 9

by DLA Piper on

...US financial regulators discuss Volcker Rule. CNBC reported that US financial regulators are tackling one of Wall Street’s biggest concerns by discussing the Volcker Rule governing banks’ proprietary trading. Rich Foster, senior vice president at the Financial Services Roundtable trade group, called this “a good sign that the... more

The Financial Report, Volume 6, Number 8

by DLA Piper on

...International Monetary Fund reviews top threats to markets and banks. The Wall Street Journal reported on the IMF’s warning that high corporate leverage could threaten financial stability as the Federal Reserve raises short-term interest rates, because higher borrowing costs could block firms’ ability to service debts. (4/19/2017) ... more