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Three Tips to Verify the Security of Your E-Discovery Software

by Zapproved Inc. on

... Type 2 Certification and Zapproved–Building Trust and Confidence that Your Data is Secure - Today in e-discovery, it should be no surprise that cyber security is a rising concern among corporate leaders and that IT departments want to know that critical business data is safe and protected. The concern over cyber security is translating... more

ITAR For Government Contractors: Revised For Recent Amendments

by Williams Mullen on

... the most important areas of regulation for defense contractors is the International Traffic In Arms Regulations (“ITAR”). ITAR are the State Department controls that regulate the defense industry. Companies regulated under ITAR are subject to a number of requirements including registration, licensing, restrictions on transferring... more

Green Tax Incentive Compendium

by Robinson & Cole LLP on

... Incentives for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency - A. GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The Federal Internal Revenue Code provides a business income tax credit in the amount of $0.023 (2015) per kilowatt hour of electricity produced from qualifying renewable resources during a ten-year period. ELIGIBLE TAXPAYERS. The tax credit is... more