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HR Tech and the Law: An Update

by Zelle LLP on

... Data and Data Analytics: Employers use “big data” and data analytics to identify the best candidates, measure employee satisfaction and productivity, and discover internal threats,... more

Rules of the (International) Road, Brexit, PPP as a New Tool for Argentina, and Keeping Non-U.S. Companies Safe from Suit (Expect Focus International – August 2016)

by Carlton Fields on

... Are Non-U.S. Companies Safe from Suit in U.S. Courts? What if the Non-U.S. Parent Registers to Do Business in a State? - Rules of the (International) Road: Choosing and Appointing a Distributor - Brexit and International IP: Changes are Coming - Brexit’s Impact on the Insurance Industry - Changes... more

Augmented Reality

by McDermott Will & Emery on

... haven’t heard about newest gaming craze yet, it’s based on what is called “augmented reality” (AR) and it could potentially impinge on your home life and workplace as such games allow users to “photograph” imaginary items overlaid with objects existing in the real world. An augmented reality game differs from... more

NAIC Cybersecurity Task Force Weighs Credit Freezes

by Carlton Fields on meeting to hear comments from various industry trade organizations and other interested parties on the proposed Insurance Data Security Model Law exposed for comment on March 2. While the comments’ themes largely echoed the written comments prev... more