Legal updates for: Data Breach

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Tips For Conducting An Internal Investigation

by Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP on

... computer system was hacked. Maybe you opened a container to find goods in it that did not belong to you (thank goodness they were not dangerous) or perhaps no goods but evidence people lived in the container while it was en route to the U.S., or you found sizable payments made to questionable parties in odd locations in the world when you checked... more

UCITS V - Aligning with AIFMD!

by Dechert LLP on

...The European Parliament voted to adopt the UCITS V Directive (“UCITS V”) on 15 April 2014, in advance of Parliamentary elections next month. The final vote followed a period of uncertainty where there was potential for the progress of UCITS V to be thrown off course because of political argument over the scope of the remuneration rules.... more