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Why Worry About a Little Skimmer?

by BakerHostetler on

...ent technology will catch on, and accommodating the marketing department’s appetite for capturing customer transaction data, who has time to worry about small issues like a skimmer?... more

Back -to- School 2014

by Howard Ankin on

...s. When Target announced earlier this year that its credit and customer records had been hacked, it was a pivotal moment for data security. ... more

Editorial: Drowning in Place: Local Government Costs and Liabilities for Flooding Due to Sea-level Rise

by Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod LLP on

... of Florida are experiencing increased tidal flooding due to sea-level rise (SLR). Florida has experienced eight to nine inches of SLR over the past 100 years. The roughly four and one-half inches of rise in the last 50 years has decreased the efficiency of some older stormwater systems designed to function with lower sea levels. Originally... more