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FinCrimes Update - January 2016 Summary, Volume 4, Issue 1

by BuckleySandler LLP on

... FINCRIMES WEBINAR RECAP: 2015 ENFORCEMENT ACTIONS: LESSONS LEARNED FOR REGIONAL AND SUPER-REGIONAL BANKS - On January 28, 2016, BuckleySandler hosted 2015 Enforcement Actions: Lessons Learned for Regional and Super-Regional Banks, as part of its ongoing FinCrimes Webinar Series. Panelists included James F. Vivenzio, Senior Counsel for... more

Israel Connect - Legal Insight for Success in the US Market

by Mintz Levin on

... are excited to present you with the second issue of Israel Connect — our quarterly newsletter focused on forging new connections and strengthening existing bonds between Israeli businesses and the US market. In our second issue, we explore an array of topics covering areas ranging from antitrust compliance in the face of technological... more

Communicating Culture Outside the US – Part 1

by Thomas Fox on

... that the company is going to do business in compliance with anti-corruption laws such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) but when it comes to making your numbers in (you name the high risk geographic location); it may not be the reality on the ... more

Tribute to Sam Spence and Management?Leadership

by Thomas Fox on

...h is the difference in leadership from management. Most CCOs are technically competent in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) or other anti-corruption law. Put another way, they are technically competent at the management of a best practices complia... more

Spud Webb and Corporate Culture

by Thomas Fox on

... this day 30 years ago, history was made when Spud Webb won the 3rd NBA Slam Dunk contest. Webb joined future Hall-of-Famers Michael Jordan, who won the inaugural contest in 1984, and Dominic Wilkins, who won the second event in 1985, as the Slam Dunk champ. What made Webb’s win so noteworthy? It was his size. He was 5 feet, 9 inches tall and... more