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Wells Fargo Week: Part V – Compliance is the Answer

by Thomas Fox on

...argo scandal by considering what is at issue and what is at stake in this imbroglio. Unlike a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violation, Wells Fargo paid the relatively paltry amount of only $185 million in this round of fines and penalties. The ban... more

Wells Fargo Week – Part II: Tones at the Tops

by Thomas Fox on

...ed in a manner last week which not only made sense but explained why it is the most used phrase. It came from Vanessa Rossi, FCPA Due Diligence Compliance Counsel at Baker Hughes Inc. Rossi says the phrase which resonates with her is ‘tones at the ... more

This Week In Securities Litigation

by Dorsey & Whitney LLP on

...t the former president of a Chinese subsidiary of a U.S. firm for authorizing gifts to government officials, contrary to the FCPA; and a case against a private equity fund adviser centered on an improper expense allocation and a failure to give the funds... more

Why Working in Compliance is so Meaningful to Me

by Thomas Fox on

... mean compliance is easy. You have to want to do business in compliance with laws such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). It takes work to design and implement an effective compliance program. It must start with senior management and work its w... more