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China Doll and FCPA Risk in the Supply Chain

by Thomas Fox on to see the play, no worries however a significant plot device turns on, of all things, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Imagine my utter shock when Pacino’s character was told he would be charged with violating the FCPA because a co... more

Phi Slama Jama and Leadership in Compliance

by Thomas Fox on

... V. Lewis died last week. For those uninitiated in college basketball, Lewis was one of the greats, coaching for over 30 years at the University of Houston. He went to the Final Four five times, alas though he did not win any titles during those trips. While he is best remembered for his tenure during the 1980s when he took the Phi Slama Jama... more

Defining Compliance 2.0: The Board (Part 1 of 5)

by Michael Volkov on

... in terms of defining the elements of an effective ethics and compliance program. The Justice Department and SEC’s FCPA Guidance was a watershed event in defining an effective ethics and compliance program, along with the UK Bribery Act&rsq... more

Bridging the Week - November 2015 #4

by Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP on

...tions where there are violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. In a speech before the American Conference Institutes FCPA Conference on November 17, 2015, Mr. Ceresney said that, although FCPA cases “often present formidable challenges ... more

The Attacks in Paris and AML Compliance

by Thomas Fox on

... attacks in Paris and subsequent events have horrified any right-minded person. The slaughter of innocent civilians sickened the world and the outpouring of support for the city of Paris; the country of France and the French people has been universal. One of the things that I thought about in the aftermath is the intersection of corruption and... more

This Week In Securities Litigation

by Dorsey & Whitney LLP on

... Ceresney, Director, Division of Enforcement delivered the Key Note Address at the American Conference Institute’s FCPA Conference (Nov. 17, 2015)(here); (portions of his remarks and those of DOJ officials at the conference are discussed here).... more

Securities Litigation and Enforcement Newsletter

by Fenwick & West LLP on

... this our second edition of Fenwick’s Securities Litigation and Enforcement Newsletter, we continue to provide you with short insights about timely securities litigation and enforcement developments. This edition’s topics run the gamut—from Delaware Courts challenging long-standing disclosure only settlements—to what happens... more