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Courts Eye Employer "Look Policies" for Civil Rights Violations

by Phillips Murrah P.C. on

... Policies” – policies intended to promote the company brand by recruiting and requiring employees that fit specific cultural or physical characteristics or restricting clothing accessories – are currently a hot topic at the EEOC. The agency and others have, in recent years, challenged companies that institute such policies on... more

Emerging Trends and Lingering Criticisms: A CRO Retention Update

by DLA Piper on

... the use of chief restructuring officers (CROs) in chapter 11 cases first became prevalent in the 1990s, the process of retaining a CRO has revolved, and while § 327(a) of the Bankruptcy Code had long been the traditional statutory basis for CRO retention, it had never been used exclusively. In his October 2011 Journal article, Kevin M. Baum... more

Getting In Touch With Your Inner GP

by Greentarget on

... equity firms must now manage feelings as carefully as they do profits, writes communications expert Aaron Schoenherr - Most workers and managers regard private equity buyouts with suspicion. Hostility, even. It’s probably inevitable, since private equity firms relish their roles as agents of change. And very few like change –... more

Business Bankruptcies Continue to Decline

by Joel Glucksman on for bankruptcy, while Florida came in third at 8.71 percent. Although some of the nation's largest companies -such as Hostess, American Airlines, and Kodak, to name a few -sought bankruptcy protection, many have emerged from proceedings in a strong p... more


by Gray Reed & McGraw, P.C. on

...ployees typically include: waiters, waitresses, bellhops, counter people who serve, busboys, service bartenders, and perhaps hostesses, seaters and greeters. ... more

BRG Review - June 2013, Volume 3, Issue 1

by Berkeley Research Group, LLC on

... This Issue: - Letter from the Editor — C. Paul Wazzan, Ph.D. - Introduction to Observational Studies Articles for the BRG Review — David Lewin, Ph.D. - ARTICLES: - Observational Studies in Wage and Hour Litigation by Stefan Boedeker - Observational Studies in a Litigation Context: Important Practices in a... more