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The How Question in Due Diligence

by Thomas Fox on

... is satisfactory due diligence under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)? That question seems to be more important after the Huffington Post’s story on Unaoil and the subsequent release of the Panama Papers. However, both of these events largely focused on the “who” part of due diligence and the need to know whom you are... more

This Millennial’s Perspective

by LawVision Group LLC on

...Since joining LawVision two years ago, I have become acutely aware that I’m a millennial. Now for some, this statement alone may have triggered a negative first impression. Why is that? For one, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation has called Millennials the most studied generation to date and of course, with data comes scrutiny.... more

Rating Agency Developments

by Orrick - Structured Finance Group on

...On May 18, 2016, Fitch issued a report entitled: Fitch: NSFR Rule Could Constrain Trust Banks’ Liquidity Position. Report. On May 16, 2016, Fitch issued a report entitled: Fitch: Confidence in US Marketplace Lending ABS Takes a Hit. Report.... more

Whistleblower Immunity Required Under Defend Trade Secrets Act

by Burns & Levinson LLP on

... new Defend Trade Secrets Act (“DTSA”) allows owners of trade secrets to now bring a civil action in federal court to protect their trade secrets and confidential information. Further, under the DTSA, a trade secret owner may be awarded actual damages, injunctive relief, restitution, the extraordinary relief of ex parte seizure orders... more

Top 5 Legal Mistakes Business Clients Make

by Goosmann Law Firm, PLC on

... a business can be fraught with potential legal issues that are often overlooked by first-time entrepreneurs. Many details that don’t seem pressing at the start can mean the difference between success and failure later on. Overlooking or discounting important details can cost an owner time, money, and headaches. Many common pitfalls can be... more

Dell Shareholders' Appraisal Claims Denied After Voting Mishap

by Morris James LLP on

... July 2015, the Delaware Court of Chancery issued an opinion in In re Appraisal of Dell, Consol. C.A. No. 9322-VCL, holding that the technical missteps of a custodial bank necessarily required the court to deny certain beneficial stockholders' demands for appraisal. Originally published on Delaware Business Court Insider on May 25,... more