Aggravating Factors

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Florida Possession With Intent to Deliver Controlled Substance Not An Aggravated Felony

Convictions of certain types of crimes, referred to as “Aggravated Felonies,” carry severe immigration consequences for foreign nationals seeking permanent residence, citizenship, asylum, and relief from removal. The types...more

Convention Against Torture As Relief From Removal Based On Cooperation With Law Enforcement Agencies

Generally, noncitizens convicted of crimes defined as aggravated felonies under federal immigration law are automatically disqualified from most forms of relief from deportation. The term “aggravated felony” is a term of...more

Charged with a Hit and Run?

One of the easiest ways to compound your legal problems after getting into a car accident is to flee the scene following the crash. There are a number of ways in which a hit and run may occur. Frequently, the decision...more

The Most Common Forms of Assault

While the stars of The Real Housewives series are no strangers to catfights, three New Jersey cast members recently took things to a new level and were each charged with assault after a bloody brawl last April. Fights like...more

Mitigating and Aggravating Factors: For Better or For Worse

When you are convicted of a serious criminal charge in California, a sentencing hearing is held to allow your defense attorney and the prosecution to present their views during the penalty phase of your criminal case. Beyond...more

The Difference Between Aggravated Vehicular Homicide, Vehicular Homicide, And Vehicular Manslaughter

Under Ohio law, there are severe penalties for causing the death of a person or the unlawful termination of a pregnancy while operating or participating in the operation of a motor vehicle, motorcycle, snowmobile, locomotive,...more

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