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Appellate Court Notes - Week of April 21

SC18877 Concurrence - Sarrazin v. Coastal, Inc. - Foreman for a plumbing contractor sued the company claiming he was entitled to overtime for traveling to job sites all over the state as he had to do so in a company...more

Business News Digest – September 2013

In this issue: - What to Expect When You're Selling Your Company – Indemnification - Association Membership and Program Restrictions and the Antitrust Laws: Don’t Stumble Out of the Gate - CFPB: July...more

Condominium Lawyer Disbarred For Fraud

Before a condominium can be created, developers need to comply with a myriad of municipal by-laws and laws, including of course, the Condominium Act. ...more

Another Lawyer Disbarred Over Fen-Phen Class Action Settlement

The Kentucky Supreme Court disbarred a Cincinatti class action lawyer for his role in the notorious $200 million class action settlement concerning the diet drug Fen-Phen....more

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