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Prepare Your Brand for Sale

Part of my quest is to convey to business owners, particularly those of middle market and lower middle market companies, the tremendous opportunity to “build” proactively. Within this low organic growth environment, companies...more

Six Steps to Building a Valuable Brand

When it comes to trademarks and the brands they represent, there are two paths. One leads to distinction, the other to extinction. The INSURE path teaches brand owners and their brand team six important steps to follow in...more

But, What About the Legal Implications of Color Selections in Brand Strategy?

Yesterday Thomson Dawson of the Blake Project published an interesting blog post on the Branding Strategy Insider called “The Importance of Color in Branding Strategy.” It is an important read for both marketing types and...more

Simple Design Offers More to Law Firms

Simplicity can be difficult. Simplifying your schedule, your inbox, your wardrobe, your clutter, your to-do list: none of this comes easily. The same is true for design. Many people will say that they want a clean layout with...more

Brandaide® does not equal Band-Aid®

Choosing a great brand name that is strong and protectable is not always easy. But then what happens when you decide to protect that brand by filing for a trademark registration, and someone tries to stop you?...more

Get to Know Mr. C, But Where Are His Eyes?

Earlier this year Tiffany and I had a chance to learn about Procter & Gamble’s creative efforts in bringing Mr. Clean to life at the FUSE Conference in Chicago....more

Trademark Series: Matching your commercial strategy [Video]

Dennis Prahl, partner at Ladas & Parry, discusses how companies can match their trademark expansion with their commercial strategy....more

Trademark Series: Building a global brand [Video]

Dennis Prahl, partner at Ladas & Parry LLP, discusses the role of trademarks in building a global brand....more

Branding and Advertising Creating Relationships with the Audience

Steve Baird and I attended the FUSE Design & Culture // Brand Strategy & Packaging Conference in Chicago last week. We learned from many enlightening speakers and met an impressive collection of design and marketing...more

Tips for Using Twitter for Public Relations

Opinions of the reputation of law firms and attorneys are quickly formed based on what is being said online – in news outlets, journals, blogs, and social media. As social media has grown, more attention is being paid by law...more

Share your (and your firm’s) networks

I’ve been talking about ways that staff professionals at law firms can produce value for inside counsel. In recent posts, I covered helping in-house counsel with communications and branding and introducing inside attorneys to...more

How law firm marketers can add value: helping in-house lawyers brand themselves and communicate expertly.

For decades, sales consultants have repeated the mantra: “Don’t cut price. Add value.” With the legal-service price wars in full bloom, most law firms cannot avoid cutting prices....more

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