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Proposed NJ Bill Would Permit Police Cell Phone Search But May Help Protect Victim Rights In Car Accidents

Distracted driving in the United States injured an estimated 387,000 people in 2011 and killed 3,000 more. An increasing number of distractions each year involve the use of cell phones. No wonder, then, the New Jersey Senate...more

New Jersey Contemplates Raising The Bar For Distracted Drivers

In 2012, more than 590 people died in traffic accidents in New Jersey. That was 32 fewer than the previous year— a 5% decrease....more

Pay Attention to This! Distracted Driving in Ontario

Most Ontario drivers are now well aware of the fact that it is illegal to use hand-held devices will driving. Since October 26, 2009, this new law has been in force. The “cell phone while driving ban” was introduced through...more

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