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California Court Holds An Adjuster May Be Personally Liable For Misrepresentations Made To The Insured

Earlier this month, an intermediate level California court rejected arguments that an insurance company’s adjuster owes no independent duty to the policyholders and cannot be liable even for “appalling” misconduct if he is...more

New York District Court Grants Summary Judgment Against FLSA Class of Insurance Claims Adjusters

In a number of cases, the plaintiffs’ strategy in collective active litigation under the Fair Labor Standards Act may fall into a familiar pattern: file the case, do minimal discovery, move for conditional certification under...more

The CGL “Business Risk” Exclusions

I recently came upon an interesting case from the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit that examined the complex and confusing Commercial General Liability (CGL) “business risk” exclusions. Oxford Aviation,...more

The Non-Response (De Facto) Denial

Injured workers have the right to file an appeal if the claims adjuster does not respond to a written request within 30 days. Attorneys are usually the only ones that know that when the adjuster fails to respond, it is...more

Get the Full Value of Your Vehicle After Your Accident

In most cases, by the time an auto accident victim has reached an attorney’s office, the entire issue of valuing and replacing a total-loss vehicle is long over. Most people rely on their car to get to and from work, drive...more

No Administrative Exemption Under California Law Where Worker Did Not Receive Fixed Salary

Negri v. Koning & Associates, No. H037804 (May 16, 2013): In a recent decision, a California Court of Appeal held that an insurance claims adjuster was not an exempt employee under the administrative exemption of Industrial...more

PK Law Attorney Brian S. Goodman Contributes Tips for the Proper Handling and Presenting of Property Insurance Claims After...

NAPIA Offers Tips for the Proper Handling and Presenting of Property Insurance Claims After Oklahoma Tornadoes - Potomac Falls, Virginia (May 22, 2013) – The devastating tornadoes that ripped through the suburbs of...more

The First 30 Days of Your Nevada Work Comp Claim

The first 30 days of a serious job injury claim are confusing and scary. Here are a few important tips...more

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