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The Differences Between Litigating a Will and a Trust

Just as wills and trusts are two distinct types of estate planning documents, there are also differences in the ways each document can be challenged by disgruntled persons hoping to lay claim to the assets contained therein. ...more

Padilla v. Kentucky Held Retroactive in Massachusetts

On September 13, 2013, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC), in Commonwealth v. Sylvain, held that the duty of defense counsel to accurately advise noncitizens clients of immigration consequences, as announced in...more

Short Wins - Restrictions On Prison Communications, Career Offender Remands, Competency Hearings, And Mail Fraud

In our first "Short Wins" of the new year, the Eighth Circuit reverses a district court's order restricting a person in BOP custody from communicating with folks on the outside, the Ninth Circuit reverses on a career offender...more

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