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What I Learned About Content Marketing While Working at JD Supra

Five lessons I’ve learned about Content Marketing while shepherding the thoughts and insights of incredibly smart legal professionals (you) around the web....more

"The report of my death was an exaggeration . . . . . ." Mark Twain, May 31, 1897

From some quick online research, I believe Mark Twain is credited with the above quote, and it is frequently misquoted as "the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." Although "death," is certainly an exaggeration in...more

The Emerging Market for Context

The list of news stories clamoring for our attention is overwhelming as the editorial concept of serendipity has been replaced with “link bait.” The conversations I used to have with peers about strategies for re-engineering...more

Native Advertising Takes Center Stage: New NAD Decision Recommends Disclosure of Branded Content as Advertising

Many advertising industry predictions for 2014 have trumpeted the rise of "native advertising" and "content marketing" in digital media, where advertising or sponsored content is integrated with or designed to resemble...more

Is Anybody Going to Click on That? ILN Webinar [Video]

Watch and listen in to the International Lawyers Network's quarterly marketing webinar, hosted and kindly shared here by lLN's Lindsay Griffiths. The topic: what makes some content pieces more popular than others? JD...more

Lawyers and Good Content: Building "Beautiful Relationships"

The significance and value of good content is not a novel concept in 2013—or ever for that matter. But four generations post-Casablanca, grabbing the attention span of purchasers of legal services belonging to the X, and now...more

One perspective on the value of content

“Content is a sh#tty business.” That’s what author Jeff Jarvis told the CEOs of America’s largest and best public relations firms last week at a the Content Frenzy! Conference in New York....more

Avoid These Traps That Could Negatively Impact Your Content Strategy

When executing content marketing for your company or firm, it’s vital to avoid certain mistakes along the way – particularly if you’re trying to get buy-in from those inside your company. You want to develop a strong strategy...more

A Solid Editorial Strategy May Be A Game-Changer For Professional Services Firms

Seventy-three percent of business-to-business (B2B) marketers are producing more content than they did a year ago, and 93 percent are using a range of content-based strategies. These stats, released by the Content Marketing...more

Understanding The Legal And Regulatory Considerations Of Concerns Of Creating Branded Content In Canada

This video entitled “Hello Madison and Vine, It’s Me, Bay Street: Understanding the Legal and Regulatory Considerations of Concerns of Creating Branded Content in Canada“ aired at the Canadian Marketing Association’s Content...more

Law Firm Websites for the iPad Generation.

A prediction: The next website your firm launches will be built for the iPad generation – and incorporate something called “responsive design.” Why? Because all websites – including law firm sites – are seeing a sharp...more

Breaking Down the Dynamics of Today’s Shifting Media Environment

Emerging from a period of contraction, media outlets across the country have been transformed from sprawling bureaus with networks of beat reporters to smaller-staffed, leaner teams designed to post stories at any time from...more

You’re Hired! How to Market So Clients are Ready to Hire You

A common frustration in marketing your law practice – particularly in consumer areas of the law like bankruptcy, personal injury, and criminal law – is limiting the number of “tire kickers”. People who need what you have to...more

JDB 009: Google+, SEO, and Untethered Lawyering – Interview with Jay Fleischman

In this week’s podcast episode I had the opportunity to interview attorney Jay Fleischman. I consider Jay a mentor when it comes to marketing a law practice. I first learned of his Legal Practice Pro website back in 2009. ...more

What in the World am I going to Write About? How to Come up with Blogging Topics

I wrote my first blog post on my bankruptcy blog on December 9, 2009. Since then I have written 357 articles on bankruptcy (and counting). I am going to share a little secret with you (come in close)....more

JDB: 007 Help! What, Why, How. Learn the Fundamentals of Content Marketing

Many attorneys want to get online and market their practice but aren’t sure exactly where to start. In this episode of the JDBlogger podcast I go over the fundamentals of content marketing and what you need to know to build...more

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