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Divorce is the formal legal dissolution of a marriage. The divorce process implicates many diverse areas of the law including, but not limited to, real estate, wills and trusts, child custody, and tax.
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Living together survival guide

This article explains the potential legal pitfalls facing couples who live together and how to protect assets in the event of separation....more

What to Know about Common Law Marriage in Colorado

Common Law Marriage in Colorado requires more than just living together. ...more

Estate Tax Lessons from 2010 and Things to Watch Out for in 2011

A revocable living trust is a wonderful tool, but it’s just an empty vessel until you fund it by re-titling your assets in the name of your trust. Michael Jackson created what is most likely a wonderful living trust, but his...more

Milliaband Marriage

Milliband Marriage...more


In Texas, a "common law" marriage is referred to as an informal marriage. An informal marriage has certain requirements in order to be valid. This guide will point out these requirements, as well as talk about the...more

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Common Law Marriage in New York...more

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