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Law Firm Holiday Cards – Do’s and Don’ts

Q: Are holiday cards effective? A: I think that they can be considered one more nice way to stay in touch, to send a friendly communication to a large number of clients and prospects all at once. Of course, I said...more

Dressing Up Your Trademarks For The Holidays

Are you contemplating dressing up your trademarks for the holidays? Adding a jaunty Santa hat and garlands to your company name on your website and shopping bags? Animating your logo to spin like a dreidel or fly like...more

Beyond ‘Happy Holidays’ – A Nod to Creativity and CSR

In the 21st century, the company holiday card presents opportunities to enhance brand visibility, announce a donation and boost company morale. With the simplification of Web-based design tools, e-cards are no longer limited...more

Law Firm Christmas Cards are Lame

Every holiday season I would get the stack. A huge stake of blank of Christmas cards that I needed to sign to send out to the firm’s clients so that they would know we liked them and wanted their business – or at least that...more

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