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Corporate and Financial Weekly Digest - Volume IX, Issue 6

In this issue: - SEC Division of Corporation Finance Issues Guidance on Rule 506(c) Private Placements - SEC Issues No-action Relief Regarding Registration of M&A Brokers - CFTC Issues Guidance on New...more

Investment Management Legal + Regulatory Update -- February 2013

In This Issue: Regulatory Updates - FINRA overhaul of communications rules becomes effective and ICI and CoC appeal Rule 4.5 ruling. Enforcement + Litigation - Enforcement Division priorities target hedge...more

5 MPH Over The Speed Limit? More Like Hitting A Hobo On A Dirt Road In West Virginia

If you have started a company that needs outside investors, then you have run into someone who offered to raise money for you. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will. Sometimes it is an accountant or attorney who...more

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