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Attorney Loan Myths, Facts and Misconceptions You Should Know

The Law Firm Lending division at Case Funding handles plenty of unique considerations when discussing loan options with attorney clients; but there are some standard concerns we run across daily that are likely shared by the...more

Attorney Fee Award to Debtor Is Affirmed Where Creditor's "Reasonable Reliance" Claims Have No Merit

In Heritage Pacific Financial LLC v. Machuca, 2012 DJDAR 16803 (2012), the US Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the Ninth Circuit decided an interesting attorney fee case arising in the commercial litigation context. The fee...more

Fannie Mae Updates Maximum Allowable Attorney Fees, Provides Standard Short Sale FAQs

On December 13, Fannie Mae issued Servicing Guide Announcement SVC-2012-26 to update the maximum allowable foreclosure attorney fees for mortgage loans, participation pool mortgage loans, and MBS mortgage loans serviced under...more

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