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The Parole Board’s Difficult Decision – Whether to Release Someone Who Has Been Convicted of a Serious or Violent Crime

While the Parole Board consists of Members who act in good faith, who try to do the right thing, there is a natural human reluctance to parole an individual who has been convicted of a serious and/or violent crime. It is up...more

How to Succeed at the Time of Parole Consideration – Managing the Record Before the Parole Board

Without proper guidance an individual who should be paroled may end up serving a longer sentence. Too often individuals expect that their initial eligibility date is the date they will be released and to the grave...more

The Time For Establishing a Parole Plan is NOW

The issue of parole is an area that few consider or plan for after having been sentenced to a prison term. Parole is not guaranteed. Any individual sentenced to a prison term should be considering parole issues, if not a...more

$9 million settlement for fatal mistakes made by Washington State Department of Corrections

A recent $9 million settlement resulting from the shooting rampage that resulted in six deaths and multiple injuries across Skagit County in 2008 is the cost that Washington State taxpayers will pay for mistakes made by...more

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