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Is a Receiver Disqualified if He or She is Related to a Party or a Judge?

QUESTION: My cousin, who is a lawyer, asked me to act as a receiver in a case where he represents the plaintiff. Is there some prohibition on my doing so? Am I ineligible to act as receiver because of our family relationship?...more

In an Appealed Appointment, How Does a Receiver Get Paid if the Receivership is Terminated?

I have been appointed receiver in a case where the defendant appealed my appointment. If the appeal is successful, and the receivership is terminated, how do I get paid? ANSWER: As a general rule, fees and costs of a...more

Using Receiver’s Certificate To Pay Receiver’s Fees

QUESTION: I was appointed receiver for an unfinished housing development. I have convinced the Plaintiff (Bank) to advance funds to pay for guards, insurance and to complete construction, as well as to pay for my and my...more

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