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“What was she thinking?!” – Plaintiff’s state of mind in shopping centre fall

Late last year, the New South Wales Court of Appeal in Glad Retail Cleaning Pty Ltd v Alvarenga [2013] NSWCA 482 unanimously dismissed the appeal of a cleaning company found to have performed its work in a negligent manner....more

Nursing Home Negligence Is on the Rise

When you placed your loved one in a nursing home, you probably did so because you felt it was the safest place. If you are like most people, you probably did some research, visited numerous nursing homes and made the best...more

Slip and Fall Cases in Arizona

Many people do not believe they will ever be the victim of a slip and fall injury. However, this type of injury is not limited to the elderly or people who have difficulty walking. A fall can occur to anyone, at anytime and...more

What You Need to Know About Slips and Falls in Retail Establishments

Under Florida negligence law, a business can be liable for injuries caused when a person slips and falls on a transitory foreign substance in a business establishment. Many slips and falls are preventable, and can be reduced...more

Slips, Trips, and Falls in Personal Injury Claims

Slip, trip, and fall accidents are among the most common type of personal injury claims. If you slip and fall on someone else’s property due to the owner’s negligence or failure to keep the premises safe, you may be entitled...more

Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal Holds Statute Establishing Standard of Proof in Slip-and-Fall Cases Is Retroactive

In Kenz v. Miami-Dade County and Unicco Service Co., 2013 (Fla. 3d DCA April 24, 2013), Florida’s Third DCA ruled that § 768.0755, Fla. Stat. (2010) must be applied retroactively to incidents that occurred before the statute...more

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