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FCC Considers Proposal To Lift 25% Cap On Indirect Foreign Investment In Broadcast Licensees

In August 2012, the Coalition for Broadcast Investment (“CBI”), a group comprising national broadcast networks, radio and television station licensees, and community and consumer organizations, filed a letter with the FCC...more

The Terms [Of Trade] They Are A-Changin' (?)

Barely two years after the ink dried on the Terms of Trade Agreement entered into between Canada's five largest broadcasters and independent television producers, Canadian broadcasters have signaled that they want to...more

Broadcast Station Reminder: Quarterly Issues/Programs Lists and Children’s TV Programming Reports Due Jan. 10, 2013—TV Stations to...

By Jan. 10, 2013, all radio and television broadcast stations, both commercial and noncommercial, must prepare a list of important issues facing their communities of license, and the programs aired during October, November...more

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