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The Impact Of A White-Collar Crime Conviction

Many people see white-collar crime as victimless. But a single act of fraud can destroy many lives. Both state and federal governments punish offenders harshly in hopes of deterring others from similar behavior. Depending on...more

The Penalties Applicable to Legal Entities Convicted for Corruption under French Law - Are the Administrative Consequences the...

Under French law, an act of corruption is exclusively subject to criminal liability; there is no administrative liability. Specific rules of administrative laws, however, which provide that a company convicted by a final...more

What Are the Drastic Ramifications of the New York State Anti-Money Laundering Actions and Penalty Enforcement?  [Video]

Recent actions by the state of New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) regarding anti-money laundering (AML) fines and other sanctions imposed should cause financial institutions and their advisors to take notice,...more

White Collar Watch - January 2013

In This Issue: - Death and Taxes? Recent Supreme Court Arguments in Gabelli v. SEC Concerning a General Statute of Limitations for Civil Fines May Also Affect How Long the IRS Has to Assess Penalties - Avoiding...more

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