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Does this Pink clash with my Pink?

Since May of 2013, a legal battle has been brewing between two fashion industry giants: Victoria’s Secret and Thomas Pink (owned by Louis Vuitton). Below are pictures of storefronts for the two companies...more

AEIOU $3.5 Million Dollars

Vowels matter. Or don’t matter in the case of World Marketing, Inc. v. Quiksilver, Inc. in the Central District of California. World Marketing sent a cease and desist letter to Quiksilver based upon its rights in the mark...more

IP/IT & Media Newsletter - July 2013

In this issue: - Data Protection ‘Around the World’ - New Neighbouring Right for Press Publishers under German Copyright Law – from 1 August 2013 - German Federal Supreme Court decides on Internet Video...more

Rock, paper, horns.

Here is a fun exercise. Hold your hand up and make a closed fist. Raise your index finger, and now your pinky. Now look at your hand, what does this symbol mean to you? If you said “Hook ‘em Horns,” the University of Texas...more

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