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The "Disastrous" Costs of Climate Change

"Natural" disasters cost the United States a record amount of $306 billion in 2017, topping the previous record of $215 billion in 2005, the year of Hurricane Katrina. This past year also tied with 2011 for the highest number of… more

A “Perry Mason” Moment

Perry Mason was a television drama about a criminal defense lawyer who somehow managed to get his clients acquitted through clever cross examination of the real criminal. His techniques often managed to get the witness to confess “It… more

Foreign Entrepreneurs – The Facts

The United States has long been attractive to foreign entrepreneurs due to the county’s historically open marketplaces and tolerance for new ideas and new products. Foreign entrepreneurs have come to the United States in many different… more

Are You Required to Pay Your Interns?

For-profit employers occasionally bring on unpaid interns to work at the company. The question employers must ask is whether an unpaid intern is actually an employee and, therefore, entitled to be paid minimum wage and overtime pay… more

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