Bouncing Back: A List of Statewide Return to Work Protocols (UPDATED)



Government officials across the country are easing up on the stringent business closures and stay at home orders that helped the nation slow the spread of COVID-19 earlier in the year. Each jurisdiction will emerge from this collective state of suspended animation by implementing different measures, and on different timetables.

In many instances, businesses can expect two types of guidance from their governors and public health officials: (1) overarching framework materials, setting forth various phases of the anticipated reopening process and identifying criteria for advancement through the recovery period; and (2) more specific orders that supersede prior closure directives and permit particular operations to resume on certain dates and under certain conditions. Employers can also expect that these materials will establish new health and safety protocols for the workplace—such as mandatory health screenings and face coverings—that may remain in place for the foreseeable future. Indeed, many reopening plans include multiple mitigation steps, such as limits on occupancy, sanitation and physical distancing requirements, and new posting duties.

The chart below provides links to general reopening plans and orders that have been issued thus far, at the statewide level. Employers should bear in mind that these materials typically offer detailed instructions for reopening, which often vary by industry. As a result, it is important to review each order along with any accompanying official guidance to get a complete picture of all requirements and how they may impact each employer’s operations. We will update this list regularly but expect it will become outdated quickly as new announcements are made. Employers might also wish to review our interactive reopening map.

Note that this chart does not cover orders or guidance issued at the local level. Employers should consult with counsel for our additional resources on orders that may apply to their operations. 

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Reopening Framework Materials

Specific Orders, Guidance

Last Updated


Opening Up America Again

U.S. CDC Activities and Initiatives Memo (5/19/20)


What's New at the CDC

EEOC Guidance: What You Should Know About COVID-19 and the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and Other EEO Laws



*Paused in Safer at Home phase through 11/8/20

Reopening Alabama Responsibly (Phase One)

Supplemental Emergency Proclamation (7/29/20)

Amended Safer at Home Order (7/29/20)

Amended and Extended Safer at Home Order (8/27/20)

Proclamation and Health Order Amending Safer at Home (9/30/20)

Updated Info Sheets

Guidelines for Safeguarding All Businesses 

List of All Orders and Guidelines



Reopen Alaska Responsibly

Reopen Alaska Responsibly Plan Summary (5/6/20)

Health Mandate FAQs

Health Mandate 018 (intrastate travel) (6/5/20)

Updated Health Mandate 010 (interstate travel) (8/6/20)

All Alaska Health Mandates and FAQs

Announcement of Phase Three (5/19/20) and General Guidance

Industry-Specific Guidance Materials



*Reopening paused and partial re-closure 

Return Stronger and Announcement Presentation

Arizona Together - Reopening Guidance

Executive Order 2020-43 - Pausing Arizona's Reopening (6/29/20)

Executive Order 2020-47 - Restricting Indoor Dining (7/9/20)

Executive Order 2020-52 - Extending Pause on Reopening Another 2 Weeks (7/23/20)

Announcement re: Phased Reopening Plan, Protocols for Paused Businesses (8/10/20)

Announcement re: Bars, Gyms, etc. in "Moderate" Counties May Reopen (8/27/20); More Background on Process (8/26/20)

Department of Health Services - Orders and Guidance for Reopening Businesses



*Reopening paused 


Executive Order 20-25 (5/5/20)

Health Directive for Businesses, Manufacturers, Construction and Lodging (5/4/20)

Health Directive for Large Indoor Venues (5/4/20)

Health Directive for Large Outdoor Venues (5/4/20)

Health Directive for Limitations on Businesses (5/8/20)

Health Directive for Bars and Clubs (5/22/20)

Health Directive for Restaurant Dine-In Operations - Phase II (9/9/20)

List of all COVID-19 Health Directives - Timeline and Resources 



*Partial re-closures in effect statewide, with further re-closures in specified counties

Roadmap to Modify the Stay-at-Home Order

Resilience Roadmap Presentation (5/7/20)

Resilience Roadmap 

Blueprint for a Safer Economy (8/28/20) and Announcement

Updated COVID-19 Employer Playbook for a Safe Reopening (7/31/20)

Industrial Relations Safe Reopening FAQs for Workers and Employers (7/28/20)

All California Department of Public Health Reopening Guidance Documents 

Statewide Industry Guidance to Reduce Risk

Guidance on Returning to Work or School Following Diagnosis (8/24/20)

Guidance Related to Cohorts (9/4/20)

Updated Memo re: Responding to COVID-19 in the Workplace (9/18/20)

Blueprint for a Safer Economy Website and Search Function; Related Framework Health Order and Explanation



*Reopening paused and partial re-closure in effect


Timeline for Decision Making Under Safer at Home Phase (5/11/20)

Amended Public Health Order 20-28 (Safer at Home and in the Vast, Great Outdoors) (7/1/20)

Executive Order D 2020-127 (7/9/20) (Protect Our Neighbors)

Announcement re: Face Coverings, County Variance Applications Paused (7/16/20)

Executive Order D 2020-142 (7/21/20) (alcohol sales)

Executive Order D 2020-154 (Extending Protect Our Neighbors) (8/7/20)

Executive Order D 2020-170 (Extending and Amending Orders) (8/21/20)

Executive Order D 2020-178 (Extending Protect Our Neighbors) (9/8/20)

Announcement: 3 Counties Move to Protect Our Neighbors (9/8/20)

Announcement re: "Dial" Framework for Counties; CDPHE Announcement (9/15/20)

Executive Order D 2020-199 (Extending Safer at Home) (9/20/20)

Executive Order D 2020-213 (Amending Safer at Home) (10/6/20)

Guidance for Outdoor Structures for Restaurants/Events 

Second Amended Public Health Order 20-35 (Safer at Home Dial) (10/8/20)

Safer at Home Industry Guidance

Protect Our Neighbors  - Local Community Certification

Local Variances



Initial Framework Announcement

Reopen Connecticut Report (5/26/20)

Sector Rules for May 20th Reopen (5/9/20) and Enforcement Plan

Updated COVID-19 FAQs (5/9/20)

Executive Order 7MM (5/12/20)

Self-certification Requirement 

Executive Order 7PP (5/18/20)

Executive Order 7TT (5/29/20)

Executive Order 7WW (6/4/20)

Executive Order 7XX (6/5/20)

Executive Order 7ZZ (6/16/20)

Executive Order 7OOO (8/21/20)

Executive Order No. 9 (9/4/20)

Executive Order No. 9A (9/8/20 (extending various orders to 11/9/20)

Executive Order No. 9B (9/15/20) (fines for certain violations)

Annoucement re: Move to Phase 3 (9/24/20)

Executive Order No. 9F (10/8/20) (gatherings)

Latest Guidance Summarizing Status

Full List of Sector Rules and Self-Certification for Reopening 



*Paused in phase 2 and partial re-closure in effect in specified county

Delaware's Recovery and Reopening

Revised Summary of Phase Two (6/19/20)

Phase Two General and Industry-Specific Guidelines

Reopening Status and All Guidance

Announcement re: Pause in Reopening (6/25/20)

23rd Modification of State of Emergency (6/30/20) (bar closure at beaches)

24th Modification of State of Emergency (7/24/20) (driving schools, senior centers to reopen)

25th Modification of State of Emergency (8/26/20) (masks in schools)

27th Modification of State of Emergency (9/4/20) (incoporating, extending prior orders)

Revision to the 27th Modificcation (9/25/20) (large gatherings)


District of Columbia

ReOpen DC

ReOpen DC Advisory Group’s Recommended Plan (5/21/20)

Phase One Announcement - May 27 Situational Update

Reopening Checklists for Restaurants and Retailers

Phase One Page, with Order and Sector-Specific Guidance

Phase One Order (5/27/20)

Announcement re: Phase Two Beginning June 22

Amended Phase Two Order (10/7/20)

Phase Two Guidelines



Safe. Smart. Step-by-Step

Phase 2 Presentation (6/3/20)

Executive Order 20-139 - Phase 2 (6/3/20)

FAQs on Phase 2

Announcement re: Closure of Bars (6/26/20)

Florida DBPR Amended Order 2020-09 (bar closures) (7/1/20)

Updated DBPR Restaurant FAQs (8/14/20)

Executive Order 20-214 (9/4/20) (Palm Beach County to Phase 2)

Executive Order 20-223 (9/11/20) (Miami-Dade and Broward Counties to Phase 2)

Florida DBPR Order - Bars to Reopen 9/14/20 (9/10/20)

Executive Order 20-244 (9/25/20) (Phase 3; restaurants)

All COVID-19-Related Orders



*Paused in Empowering a Healthy Georgia phase through 10/15/20


Executive Order (, Empowering a Healthy Georgia)

Executive Order (, extending Empowering a Healthy Georgia)

Executive Order (, further extending Empowering a Healthy Georgia)

Executive Order (, additional guidance for Empowering a Healthy Georgia)

Executive Order (, extending Empowering a Healthy Georgia)

Executive Order  (, further extending order)

Executive Order (, extending order)

Executive Order (, extension)

Guidelines for Businesses

Announcement re: Safety Promise Campaign (7/6/20)



Economic and Community Recovery & Resiliency Plan

Beyond Recovery: Reopening Hawaii (5/18/20)

Announcement re: Unveiling Plan (5/18/20)

Roadmap to Recovery (6/3/20)

Safe Travels Form

Pre-Test Travel Program

Seventh Supplementary Proclamation (5/5/20)

Eighth Supplementary Proclamation (5/18/20)

Ninth Supplementary Proclamation (6/10/20)

Announcement re: Department of Health Enforcement at Food Establishments (7/9/20)

Tenth Supplementary Proclamation (7/17/20)

Eleventh Supplementary Proclamation (8/6/20)

Twelfth Proclamation (8/20/20)

Thirteenth Proclamation (9/22/20)



*Paused in stage 4 through 10/16/20

Idaho Rebounds

Stages of Reopening

Executive Order - Return to Work Bonus Program (6/17/20)

Stay Healthy Guidelines - Stage 4

Business-specific protocols for opening

Announcement re: Pause in Stage 4, Move to Regional Approach (6/25/20)

Announcement re: Further Extension of Stage 4 (7/9/20)

Announcement re: Further Extension of Stage 4 (7/23/20)

Announcement re: Stage 4 Extension to August 21 (8/6/20)

Announcement re: Stage 4 Extended to September 4 (8/21/20)

Announcement re: Stage 4 Extended Another Two Weeks (9/3/20)

Announcement re: Stage 4 Extended to October 2 (9/18/20)

Announcement re: Stage 4 Extension (10/1/20)



*Mitigation measures in place in certain regions

Restore Illinois (5/5/20)

Announcement re: Updated Statewide Model (5/11/20)

Restore Illinois Page

Announcement re: Regional Mitigation Plan (7/15/20)

Confirmation re: Move to Phase Four (6/25/20) and Summary of Changes

Executive Order 2020-48 (7/24/20)

Announcement re: Business Enforcement Process (8/7/20)

Phase 4 Industry-Specific Guidance

Announcement and Region 4 Mitigation Measures (8/16/20)

Executive Order 2020-51 (8/18/20)

Executive Order 2020-52 (Reissuing prior orders) (8/21/20)

Announcement and Region 7 Mitigation Measures (8/24/20)

Updated Bars & Restaurants Guidance (8/25/20)

Executive Order 2020-53 (8/26/20)

Announcement and Region 4 Enhanced Mitigation Measures (9/1/20)

Executive Order 2020-54 (9/2/20)

Executive Order 2020-55 (9/18/20) (reissuing prior orders)

Announcement re: Elimination of Region 7 Measures (9/18/20)

Annoucement re: Region 1 Mitigation Measures (9/29/20)

Executive Order 2020-56 (10/2/20)

Executive Order 2020-58 (10/9/20) (lifting Region 4 measures)

Regional Phase Dashboard

General Business Toolkit (posters, checklists, etc.)

All COVID-Related Executive Orders and Proclamations



Back on Track Indiana

Executive Order 20-32 - Stage 4 (6/11/20)

Executive Order 20-35 - Stage 4.5 (7/1/20)

Executive Order 20-36 - Continuing Stage 4.5 (7/16/20)

Executive Order 20-39 - Extending Stage 4.5 (7/30/20)

Executive Order 20-42 - Further Extending Stage 4.5 (8/26/20)

Executive Order 20-43 - Moving to Stage 5 (9/24/20)

What's Open, What's Closed?

Back on Track General & Industry Guidelines




Proclamation (6/10/20)

Proclamation (6/25/20)

Proclamation (7/24/20)

Proclamation (extending emergency and existing mitigation measures) (8/21/20)

Proclamation (closing bars in 6 counties) (8/27/20)

Proclamation (reopening bars in some counties) (9/15/20)

Proclamation (extending emergency and county-specific measures) (9/18/20)

Proclamation (extending mitigation steps in two counties) (9/25/20)

Proclamation (reopenings in Johnson and Story Counties) (10/2/20)

Iowa Department of Public Health Reopening Guidance



Ad Astra: A Plan to Reopen Kansas (Not mandatory. Advistory as of 5/27/20)

Authority to restrict business operations and gatherings rests with county health officials as of 5/27/20. Some counties have elected to adopt such restrictions.

Executive Order No. 20-29 - Phase One (4/30/20)

Announcement re: Phase 1.5 of Ad Astra Plan (5/14/20)

Announcement re: Modified Phase 2 (5/19/20)

Executive Order No. 20-34 (5/19/20)

Announcement re: Expiration of Ad Astra Emergency Declaration (5/26/20)



*Partial re-closure in effect

Healthy at Work

Announcement re: New Guidelines for Restaurants and Bars, and Gatherings (6/22/20)

Executive Order 2020-582 - Door to Door Sales  (7/10/20)

Public Health Order - Social Gatherings Limited to 10 People (7/20/20)

Public Health Order - 2-Week Bar Closure Starting 7/28/20; Restaurants at Reduced Capacity 

Public Health Order - Bar & Restaurant Service Expansion (8/10/20)

Announcement re: Restaurant, Bars Operating Hours & Updated Guidance (9/15/20)

Kentucky Healthy at Work Site (Benchmarks, Calendar, All Industry Guidelines, etc.)



*Phase 3 as of 9/11/20; partial re-closure in effect


Proclamation 98-JBE-2020 (Bar Closures, Limiting Gatherings, Face Coverings) (7/11/20)

Proclamation 96 JBE 2020 (7/23/20) (Phase 2 and Mask Order Extended)

Announcement re: Extension of Phase 2 (8/3/20)

Proclamation 101 JBE 2020 (8/7/20) (Phase 2 and Mask Order Further Extended)

Proclamation 110 JBE 2020 (8/26/20) (Phase 2 and Mask Order Again Extended)

Proclamation 117 JBE 220 (9/11/20) (Phase 3; Masks Extended; Bar Reopening Criteria)

Proclamation 123 JBE 2020 (9/17/20) (Alcohol Sales Hours)

Announcement re: Alcohol Sales in Certain Parishes, for Sporting Events (10/5/20)

Proclamation 134 JBE 2020 (10/8/20) (Phase 3 Extended)

Guidance - Can This Business Open?

Louisiana Department of Health News and Orders

Link to Register with Open Safely LA

List of Louisiana State Fire Marshal (Open Safely LA) Guidance for All Industries



Restarting Maine’s Economy

Announcement re: Rural Reopening Plan - Accelerated Reopening (6/4/20) 

Announcement re: Keep Maine Healthy Plan (6/8/20) (quarantine alternative)

Announcement re: Moving Up Keep Maine Healthy to 6/26 (6/12/20)

Announcement re: Additional Reopenings in Androscoggin, Cumberland, and York Counties (6/15/20)

Announcement re: Move to Allow Indoor Bar Service Delayed (6/22/20)

Executive Order No. 14FY20/21 (Phase Four) and Announcement (10/6/20) 

COVID-19 Prevention Checklists for Businesses Reopening




Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery

Back to Business Website

Executive Order 20-06-03-01 (6/3/20)

Executive Order 20-06-10-01 (6/10/20)

Executive Order 20-06-11-01 (6/11/20)

Executive Order 20-09-01-01 (9/1/20) (Stage Three) and Announcement

Executive Order 20-09-18-01  (9/18/20) (Expanded Indoor Dining) and Announcement

Executive Order 20-09-28-01 (9/28/20) (Racing Facilities)

Back to Business: Industry-Specific Guidelines for Reopening Businesses

General Business Best Practices



Announcement re: Four-Phase Reopening Approach (5/11/20)

Reopening Massachusetts Report and Details 

Reopening: Four-Phase Approach

Mandatory Safety Standards for Workplaces

Executive Orders re: Phase II Detail and Childcare Facilities (6/1/20)

Announcement re: Step One of Phase II Begins June 8 (6/6/20)

Announcement re: Step Two of Phase II Begins June 22 (6/19/20)

Announcement re: Phase III Begins July 6 (7/2/20)

Announcement and Updated Order re: Restrictions on Gatherings and Amended Restaurant Protocols (8/7/20)

COVID-19 Order No. 50 - Indoor and Outdoor Gaming Arcades (9/10/20)

Announcement re: Step II of Phase III for Lower-Risk Areas (9/29/20)

COVID-19 Order No. 51 - Lower-Risk Community Advancement (9/29/20)

COVID-19 Order No. 52 - Gathering Sizes (9/29/20)

Massachusetts COVID-19 Emergency Orders

Sector-specific Protocols and Best Practices

Emergency COVID-19 Workplace Regulations

Phase III Safety Standards and Checklist for Restaurants 

When can my business reopen?



*Partial re-closure in effect 

MI Safe Start

Executive Order 2020-100 (5/22/20)

Executive Order 2020-172 (reissuing anti-retaliation protections) (8/27/20)

Executive Order 2020-176 (amended Safe Start - reopening gyms and pools) (9/3/20)

Executive Order 2020-181 (amending order re: gatherings in Regions 6 and 8) (9/11/20)

Executive Order 2020-183 (amended Safe Start - reopening indoor entertainment) (9/25/20)

Executive Order 2020-184 (revising workplace safeguards) (9/25/20)

Executive Order 2020-190 (amended, resissued food/pharmacy safeguards) (9/29/20)

Executive Order 2020-192 (Region 8 back to Phase 4) (10/2/20)

*On October 2, 2020, the Michigan Supreme Court invalidated a number of Governor Whitmer's orders. As discussed in this Littler article, it is unclear when they cease to operate or whether additional orders will be forthcoming from the governor.

Amended Emergency Order - Department of Health and Human Services (10/9/20) (issued in the absence of the governor's orders as discussed in this Littler article)

All Michigan COVID-19 Executive Orders

All MDHHS COVID-19 Orders

COVID-19 Workplace Safety Guidance Site



Safely Returning to Work

Executive Order 20-54  (5/13/20, antiretaliation provisions)

Executive Order 20-55 (5/13/20, protections/accommodation for at-risk individuals)

Executive Order 20-56 (5/13/20, reopening)

Announcement re: Outdoor Dining (5/20/20)

Executive Order 20-63 (5/27/20)

Executive Order 20-70 (6/3/20)

Executive Order 20-74 (Phase III) (6/5/20)

Guidance on Safely Reopening Minnesota Businesses 

Contact Tracing Guidelines for Employers (9/23/20)

Industry Guidance for Safely Reopening Restaurants and Bars (10/8/20)

Stay Safe MN Industry Guidance Library

COVID Preparedness Plan Information



 *Safe Recovery stage through 11/11/20


Executive Order 1511 - statewide restrictions on bars, social gatherings (7/24/20)

Executive Order 1514 - extending Safe Return plan (7/30/20)

Exectuive Order 1515 - adding counties subject to ongoing restrictions (7/30/20)

Executive Order 1518 - extending and amending Safe Return, face coverings order (8/14/20)

Executive Order 1520 - extending and amending Safe Return, face coverings order (8/31/20)

Executive Order 1522 - extending Safe Return, easing some restrictions (9/13/20)

Executive Order 1525 - Safe Recovery (9/30/20)

Mississippi State Department of Health Guidance for Individuals and Businesses



Show Me Strong Recovery Plan

Health Mandate (4/27/20)

Phase 1 Guidelines and FAQs

Phase 1 Extension Order (5/28/20) and Announcement

Executive Order 20-12 - Phase 2 (6/11/20) and Announcement



Governor’s Phased Approach to Reopening the Big Sky

Phased Reopening Directive (4/22/20)

Additional Phase One Guidelines (5/7/20)

Directive re: Phase Two (5/19/20)

Montana COVID FAQs Page




Announcement re: Update to Directed Health Measures Dates (7/28/20)

Outline of Phase III Changes and Outline of Phase IV Changes 

COVID-19 Nebraska Guidance Documents

State Overview and DHHS COVID-19 Site

Announcement re: Current DHMs Extended, Next Steps (8/27/20)

All County Directed Health Measures with Effective Dates



Framework Announcement 

Nevada United - Roadmap to Recovery Chart

Road to Recovery: Moving to a New Normal and Related Announcement (8/3/20) 

Directive - Phase Two (5/28/20)

Phase Two: General Guidelines and Industry-Specific Guidelines

Announcement re: Extension of Phase 2 and Directive (6/29/20)

Directive 027 - County-Specific Bar Closures, etc. (7/10/20) and Guidance

Announcement re: New Long-Term Mitigation Strategy Pending (7/28/20)

Directive 030 - Formalizing New Normal Mitigation Strategy (8/14/20)

Task Force Summary - Bar Closures in Certain Counties (8/20/20)

Task Force Summary - Bar Closures in Certain Counties (9/4/20)

Task Force Summary - Bars Reopening (9/11/20)

Task Force Summary - Bars Reopening (Clark and Elko Counties) (9/17/20)

Mitigation Measures Summary and Guidance for Bars, Pubs, etc. (9/17/20)

Governor Directives and Declarations

Task Force Assessments

Directive 033 - Updated Guidance for Safe Gatherings (9/30/20)

Directive 034 - Sports (10/2/20)

Update Screening Guides (for Employees, Visitors) & Signage


New Hampshire

Economic Re-Opening Task Force Roadmap

Safer at Home Order (6/16/20)

Extension of Safer at Home Order (7/31/20)

Executive Order #65 - Order Enforcement (8/13/20)

Executive Order #70 - Safer at Home Extended (9/30/20)

Universal and Industry-Specific Business Guidance under Safer at Home Order

Safer at Home Schedule with General and Specific Guidance

Updated Restaurant Guidance (eff. 10/1/20)

Ski Area Reopening Guidance (10/2/20)


New Jersey

*Specific reopening step delayed

The Road Back: Restoring Economic Health Through Public Health

Executive Order No. 157 (6/26/20)

Executive Order No. 158 (Postponed Indoor Dining) (6/29/20)

Updated Health Directive for Restaurants (6/29/20)

Executive Order No. 161 (Expanded Gatherings) (7/2/20)

Announcement re: Restrictions on Indoor Gatherings (8/3/20)

Announcement re: Gyms Reopening (8/26/20)

Executive Order No. 181 (Gyms, Indoor Amusement Parks) (8/27/20)

Executive Order No. 183 (Indoor Dining, Movie Theaters) (9/1/20)

Administrative Order re: Smoking in Casinos (9/4/20)

Administrative Order re: Health Clubs in Hotels, Offices, etc. (9/8/20)

New Jersey FAQ with Reopening Schedule and Guidance, and All FAQs


New Mexico


"Preparation Phase" Announcement

Announcement re: Pause on Reopening (6/25/20)

Executive Order 2020-53 (6/30/20)

Announcement re: Restrictions on Indoor Dining, Enhanced Face Coverings (7/9/20) and Public Health Order (7/13/20)

Public Health Order Maintaining Restrictions (7/30/20)

Announcement re: Pending Order, Amending Food and Drink Restrictions (8/26/20)

Public Health Order (allowing indoor dining, museums reopening) (8/28/20) and Announcement

Public Health Order (amended re: youth sports, pumpkin patches, pools, etc.) (9/18/20) and Announcement

All COVID Public Health and Executive Orders

Department of Health Safe Practices Site


New York

New York Forward

Framework Announcement (4/28/20)

Regional Approach Annoucement (5/4/20)

Executive Order 202.31 re: Regional Approach (5/14/20)

New York Forward Website

Announcement re: Orders on Restaurant/Bar Obligations (6/1/20)

Announcement re: NYC to Phase Three (7/5/20)

Announcement re: Health Order Mandating Traveler Health Form (7/13/20)

Announcement re: Regulations/Enforcement of Bars and Restaurants (7/16/20)

Announcement re: Bowling Alleys & NYC Cultural Institutions (8/14/20)

Announcement re: Gyms and Fitness Centers (8/17/20)

Announcement re: Protocols for Outbreaks at Colleges (8/27/20)

Announcement re: Protocols for Agritourism (9/1/20)

Annoucements re: Malls and Casinos Reopening (9/3/20) and Executive Order 202.60 (9/4/20)

Executive Order 202.61 (9/9/20) (indoor dining in NYC) and Guidance

Announcement re: Cluster Action Initiative (10/6/20)

Executive Order 202.68 (10/6/20) (Cluster Action & Penalties)

Phase Three Overview and Guidance

Phase Four Overview and Guidance

Regional Map and Status of Regional Reopening


North Carolina


Staying Ahead of the Curve

Announcement re: Count on Me NC Training Program

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Executive Order No. 147 (6/24/20) (Phase 2 extension, face coverings)

Announcement re: Extension of Phase 2 for Three More Weeks (7/14/20)

Executive Order No. 153 (prohibiting alcohol sales after 11 p.m.) (7/28/20)

Executive Order No. 155 (further Phase 2 extension) (8/5/20)

Phase 2 Extension FAQs

Executive Order No. 162 (extending restriction on alcohol sales to 10/2) (8/31/20)

Executive Order No. 163 (move to Phase 2.5) and FAQs

Alcohol Sales & Service FAQs

Annoucement re: Large Outdoor Venues (9/22/20)

Executive Order No. 169 (move to Phase 3) and FAQs (9/30/20)

Businesses and Employers Guidance

All DHHS Guidance 


North Dakota

ND Smart Restart

Executive Order 2020-06.6 (5/15/20)

Executive Order 2020-06.7 (5/22/20)

Announcement re: Advancing to Next Phase (5/29/20)

Announcement re: County Risk Level Assessments (9/3/20)

ND Smart Restart Protocols

ND Smart Restart Employer/Employee FAQs



Responsible Restart Ohio

Order Extending Prior Orders and Business Restrictions (7/7/20)

Addendum to Director's Order Adding Counties to Level 3 (7/10/20)

Announcement re: Additional Counties to Level 3 (7/16/20) and Related Public Health Order (7/17/20)

Public Health Order Limiting Fairs (7/30/20)

Executive Order Formalizing Restriction on Alcohol Sales (7/31/20)

Public Health Order - Dine Safe (reopening restaurants, bars for dine-in) (9/23/20)

Sector-Specific Operating Requirements

Color-Coded Health Advisory System Map and Ohio Public Health Orders



Open Up and Recovery Safely (OURS) Plan

Executive Order 2020-13 (4th am.) (4/24/20)

OURS Plan Industry Guidance

Announcement re: Entering Phase 3 on June 1 (5/29/20)

Health Advisory with Recommendations (8/13/20)

Color-Coded Alert System and Dashboard



*Reopening paused and partial re-closures in effect 

Reopening Oregon

Plan Announcement (5/7/20)

General Guidance for Employers on COVID-19 and FAQs

Statewide Mask, Face Shield, Face Covering Guidance and FAQs

County Status and Phase Information 

Oregon Health Authority Guidance and FAQs

Executive Order 20-27 (6/5/20)

Phase 2 Guidance

Announcement re: One-Week Pause on County Applications (6/11/20)

Announcement re: 3 More Counties to Phase Two (6/17/20)

Announcement re: Restrictions on Social Gatherings (7/13/20)

Announcement re: Capacity Limits on Certain Facilities, Bar/Restaurant Evening Closure (7/22/20)

County Status and Watch List Information



*Partial re-closure in effect

Plan for Pennsylvania

Process to Reopen Pennsylvania

Consequences for Violations (5/11/20)

Announcement re: Final County to Green as of 7/1 (6/26/20)

Amended Executive Order, and Amended Public Health Order, All Counties to Green (7/2/20)

Announcement re: Statewide Restrictions on Indoor Dining, Bar Service, Gatherings, etc. (7/15/20)

Executive Order and Public Health Order Imposing Targeted Restrictions (7/15/20)

Announcement re: Restaurant Capacity Increase (9/8/20)

Executive Order and Public Health Order, Indoor Dining and Self-Certification (9/17/20)

Executive Order and Public Health Order Increasing Gathering Limits, and FAQs (10/6/20)

Restaurant Self-Certification Portal and FAQs

Responding to COVID-19 Business Guidance Materials

County Phase Map


Puerto Rico

*Partial re-closure in effect


Executive Order 2020-044 (6/12/20)

Executive Order 2020-048 (extending lockdown, continuing reopening) (6/29/20)

Executive Order 2020-052 (flight quarantine) (7/3/20)

Executive Order 2020-054 (partial reclosure, restrictions extended) (7/16/20)

Partial Re-closures Announced

Extension of Re-closures Announced

Additional Restrictions Announced (8/19/20)

Order Announced Reopening Certain Sectors (9/11/20)

Measures Extended to October 16 (10/1/20)

All Executive Orders 


Rhode Island

*Reopening paused through 10/28/20 and partial re-closure in effect

Reopening RI

Further Detail on Phase I

Preview of Phase 2 (5/22/20)

Announcement re: Phase 3 as of June 30 (6/29/20)

Executive Order 20-50 (6/29/20)

Announcement re: Phase 3 Pause (7/29/20)

Announcement re: Bars Closing at 11:00 p.m. (8/5/20)

Executive Order 20-67 (8/28/20) (extending Phase III)

Executive Order 20-69 (9/3/20) (extending prior orders, including face coverings)

Executive Order 20-73 (9/4/20) (extending early closure of bars)

Executive Order 20-79 (9/25/20) (extending Phase III)

Executive Order 20-83 (10/6/20) (extending early closure of bars)

All Executive Orders

Sector-Specific Guidelines, Posters and More available here


South Carolina

*Partial re-closure in effect 


Final Report and Recommendations

Department of Health and Environment Control Guidance

Executive Order 2020-40 (6/12/20)

Reopening Guidelines Available from accelerateSC

Announcement re: Liquor Sales Limitation (7/10/20)

Executive Order 2020-45 (7/10/20) (Liquor Sales)

Executive Order 2020-50 (8/2/20) (Emergency Restrictions/Mandatory Protocols) 

Executive Order 2020-63 (10/2/20) (Restaurant Occupancy)


South Dakota

Back to Normal Plan

Executive Order 2020-20 (4/28/20)

Executive Order 2020-26 (5/26/20)

Department of Health Employer Recommendations and Other Guidance, Checklists, available here



Tennessee Pledge: Reopening Tennessee

Executive Order 33 (5/5/20)

Executive Order 35 (5/7/20)

Announcement re: Lifting Retail/Restaurant Capacity Limits (5/15/20)

Executive Order 38 (5/22/20)

Executive Order 59 (8/28/20)

Announcement re: Lifting of Restrictions (9/29/20) 

Executive Order 63 (9/29/20)

Tennessee Pledge Business Guidelines (General and Industry) (updated 10/2/20)



*Partial re-closures in effect

Strike Force to Open Texas

Governor’s Report (4/27/20)

Executive Order GA-26 (6/3/20)

Announcement re: Pause of Reopening (6/25/20)

Executive Order GA-27 (6/25/20) (Limiting Elective Procedures, by County); Proclamation Adding Counties to GA-27 (6/30/20)

Executive Order GA-28 (6/26/20) (Pulling Back on Reopening) 

Executive Order GA-30 (9/17/20) (Expanded Reopening Steps)

Executive Order GA-32 (10/7/20) (Bars/Business Expanded Reopening)

All Reopening Checklists by Business Type

Department of Health and Human Services Minimum Recommended Protocols

Full List of Health Protocols




Utah Leads Together

Utah Leads Together 2.0 Report

Utah Leads Together 3.0 Report (5/20/20)

Executive Order - Maintaining Current Status through July 24 (7/10/20)

Executive Order - Adopting Version 4.10 of the Phase Guidelines (8/17/20)

Executive Order - Maintaining Current Status through September 4 (8/21/20)

Executive Order 2020-60 - Salt Lake City & Sevier County (9/4/20)

Executive Order 2020-62 - Box Elder & Canyon Counties (9/11/20)

Public Health Order 2020-14 - Provo and Orem / Rich County (9/22/20)

Color-Coded Guidance to Phases and Map

State and Local Orders and Directives

COVID-19 Business Manual (updated 8/6/20) 

Utah Leads Together Guidelines




Addendum 12 to Executive Order 01-20 (5/1/20; Phase III)

Addendum 13 to Executive Order 01-20 (5/8/20)

Addendum 14 to Executive Order 01-20 (5/15/20)

Addendum 15 to Executive Order 01-20 (5/22/20)

Addendum 16 to Executive Order 01-20 (5/29/20)

Addendum 17 to Executive Order 01-20 (6/5/20)

Announcement re: Increased Occupancy for Venues and Restaurants (6/19/20)

Updated Interpretive Health Guidance from Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD)

ACCD Resource Center: All Sector Specific Guidance

VOSHA COVID-19 Safety Training



*Specific reopening step delayed 

Forward Virginia (4/24/20)

Forward Virginia Announcement (4/24/20)

Forward Virginia - Phases I and II Outline (5/4/20)

Amended Executive Order 65 - Phase Two (6/9/20)

Phase Two Business Guidelines and FAQs

Phase Three Business Guidelines

Executive Order 67 - Phase Three (6/30/20)

Announcement re: Restriction on Bars in Phase Three (6/30/20)

Announcement re: Labor Standards Approved (7/15/20) and Related Guidance Materials (7/24/20)

Executive Order No. 68 (2020)/ Public Health Order No. 8 - Restrictions for Hampton Roads Region (7/28/20)

Third Amended Executive Order 67 - Lifting Restrictions for Hampton Roads Region (9/10/20)

Guidelines for All Business Sectors



*Reopening paused and partial re-closure in effect 

Washington’s Recovery Plan – Policy Brief

Phased Approach – Reopening and Modifying Physical Distancing Measures

Safe Start Washington (5/4/20)

Memo re: Limits on Social Gatherings, Ban on Live Entertainment  (7/28/20)

Proclamation 20-46.2 re: High-Risk Employees – Workers’ Rights (7/29/20)

Memo re: Proclamation 20-46.2 (7/29/20)

Proclamation 20-57.1 (agricultural worker protections and testing) (8/19/20) 

Memo and Phase 2/3 Guidelines for Real Estate (9/4/20)

Updated emergency rules re: temporary farm worker housing (9/10/20)

Department of Labor & Industries: Which Mask for Which Task?, Basic Employee Training PPT (English) and Basic Employee Training PPT (Spanish

Business Signage Toolkit

Safe Start Plans and Guidance

Announcement re: Pause in Safe Start Progression (10/6/20) (updated guidance also provided)

Information about and Status of County Variances

What's Open in Each Phase?

Updated List of Allowable Activities for Modified Phase 1 (9/22/20)

Commercial Service Airport Requirements

All COVID-19 Reopening Guidance for Businesses and Workers


West Virginia


West Virginia Strong – The Comeback

Executive Order 58-20 (8/1/20) - Extending Bar Closures in Monongalia County

Executive Order 61-20 (8/12/20) - Nursing Home Visitation Paused

Executive Order 60-20 (8/12/20) - Extending Bar Closures in Monongalia County

Executive Order 62-20 (8/19/20) - Extending Bar Closures in Monongalia County until 8/31/20

Executive Order 65-20 (9/2/20) - Re-closure of Bars in Monongalia County

Executive Order 70-20 (9/15/20) - Adding "Gold" Category; Gathering Limits

Executive Order 71-20 (9/23/20) - School County System

Executive Order 74-20 (10/5/20) - Live Performances

Supplemental Safety Protocols for Bar Reopenings in Monongalia County

Announcement re: Reopening of Monongalia County Bars (10/9/20)

County Alert System

Full Schedule and Guidance for West Virginia Businesses



Badger Bounce Back Plan

Plan in Brief

Health Services Page

Emergency Order #28 (4/16/20, Safer at Home) - The Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down most of this order on 5/13/20. No new statewide order has been issued.

Emergency Order #31 (4/20/20, Badger Bounce Back)

Emergency Order #34 (4/24/20) and FAQs

Reopen Guidelines

Executive Order #36 (5/11/20)

Emergency Order #3 (10/6/20) (gathering limits) and FAQs

WEDC Industry-Specific Reopen Guidelines



Transition Plan for a Healthy Wyoming

Extended Order re: Public Spaces (Bars, Restaurants, Theaters, Schools, etc.) (8/27/20)

Extended Order re: Public Gatherings (8/27/20)

Extended Order re: Personal Services (8/27/20)

Continuation Order re: Public Spaces (Bars, Restaurants, Theaters, Schools, etc.) (9/15/20)

Continuation Order re: Public Gatherings (9/15/20)

Continuation Order re: Personal Services (9/15/20)

Amended Order re: Public Spaces (Bars, Restaurants, Theaters, Schools, etc.) (9/29/20)

Amended Order re: Public Gatherings (9/29/20)

Amended Order re: Personal Services (9/29/20)

State Public Health Orders and Guidance, County Orders, County Variances

Interactive Map of County Variances

Guidance for Screening Employees


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Because the COVID-19 situation is dynamic, with new governmental measures each day, employers should consult with counsel for the latest developments and updated general and industry-specific guidance.

DISCLAIMER: Because of the generality of this update, the information provided herein may not be applicable in all situations and should not be acted upon without specific legal advice based on particular situations.

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