My friend Mark Herrmann of Aon writes for Above The Law, sharing his insights as an inside lawyer. I read his post religiously because I learn a lot.  Today, Mark wrote Inside Straight:How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Ignorance about the fact that in his new job, he doesn’t know as much about cases as his did when he was an outside lawyer.  I thought this illustration of his new life was  illuminating:

"If you’re an in-house business lawyer, an executive may give you a five-minute summary of a situation and ask for your legal advice. You can ask a couple of questions, but then you owe an answer. You typically can’t tell the executive that you’d like to gather all of the emails, review the contract language, interview the witnesses, and give the executive a precisely accurate answer six weeks from now. Business moves quickly; you must, too."

Sometimes when your in-house client contacts, she is moving at the speed of business and needs you to do the same.  Do you?  Do you even know how to?

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